Mother’s DayLily

Happy Mother’s Day

This was what I woke up to this morning

My Queen’s Navy Daylily’s first bloom of the season


God is so amazing… He gave me a beautiful flower for Mother’s Day!

It will only last one day, but I will savor its beauty and delight in its existence if only for a day.

Like this beautiful flower we only honor our wonderful mothers for one day each year

But I celebrate and praise God for my mother everyday

I delight in God’s gift of being a mother every minute of the day

I’m humbled by His blessing of five amazing children

and His continued blessings of ten beautiful grandchildren.

Of  course there a “those” days

if you’re a mother you know “those” days all too well

we all have them

but those days, like the daylily bloom…don’t last long

and then they become a treasured memory of motherhood.

I pray you enjoy every moment of this glorious day!



One thought on “Mother’s DayLily

  1. What a beautiful flower for Mother’s Day. I’m glad you had a great day. For sure I remember those days with all the mud, etc. I wouldn’t give up those days for anything. Now, my son is grown, but his little boy who is 2 yrs. old brings back all the memories again.

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