Part 2…DIY Floor Treament Revealed; Before & After

I split this project into two posts simply because I love to take a lot of photos and use them and the first post got too long. You can read all about phase on here.

this is how it all plays out in the end
the hard work is finished once you’ve glued all the brown paper in place
now the fun begins…it’s time to put the poly-urethane on after the first phase has dried
if you we’re able to get the whole area done in one day then about 24 hours later it should be ready for the multiple layers of poly-urethane.

For this step you’re using the 4″ paint brush and the article suggests taping the brush onto a long pole…this is not just a suggestion it is a great idea and should be done, it is a low back saver.

Using the satin water based poly-urethane gives the floor it’s durability and a nice finished look.  I just want to stare at it 24/7.  It’s so pretty!  We are very, very, very happy with the results and look forward to doing the next room!

the poly-urethane will be the most expensive part of this project and you will need to get poly-urethane for floors.  I thought it was the easiest part and kind of fun.  Also note that when applying the poly-urethane, the paper will wrinkle back up again, but over the next few days those go away and even if there a few, they just add to the overall effect.

after doing this room and writing the first post, come to find out that the person who contributed the article to Cottages & Bungalows, has a blog and I linked her blog with the credits in the first post.  But…when I read her blog post about her and her husband doing the floors in their home, I saw that they had also done a video for this project.   This gave much more insight into this project and some special tips that weren’t included in the article.

I promised DS that he could have a shag rug…but I almost hate to cover any of it up.

the room  before & after… I love the new baseboards, they are so clean!

each coat of poly-urethane takes about 2 hours to dry, so you can get about 4 to 5 coats on in a day with no problem.

you can even just wrap your brush in a plastic grocery bag between each application and it won’t dry out.

Another tip I heard was that this floor treatment might not hold up real well in high traffic areas, but for the bedrooms that shouldn’t be an issue.  However, their was one blog I read where she did this on her stairs and the hallway landing at the top of the stairs.  I’d say that would be a pretty high traffic area.

the closet before and after

below is the inspiration room photo from Cottages & Bungalows

The Oregon Cottage

I’ve included Jami’s YouTube video for you to watch as I think it was extremely helpful even it it was after the fact. I will use her tips on the video with the next two rooms we do.

Rachel of Lovely Crafty Home did her stairs!



5 thoughts on “Part 2…DIY Floor Treament Revealed; Before & After

  1. Cindi,
    I love this! Wish we were neighbors! You and I could have such fun. I love pickin’ and finding junk to work with and taking something old and making it new. Thanks for this. You are an inspiration.

    Linda (ImpressionsofTexas)

  2. I saw in one of your pics that you have a dog….how does this floor hold up with your dog? We have 2 dogs and a cat and we need to redo our floors soon. How durable is this?
    Thanks! It looks awesome!

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