the boy’s closet before & after

remember this?
my son’s closet
after patching holes in his floor (pre floor project)
he had to get all of this out

it was nothing short of horrific and yet there it was…like Stephen King “scary”

but I’m happy to say

after two large contractor bags full and a very large deposit at the donation center

the closet was gutted

carpet tack board holes patched; see that tutorial here

this is where tomorrow’s post will begin…

but for now; let’s just enjoy the finish 🙂

kind of like reading the last page of a novel…before you begin.

or eating dessert first!

the closet is cleaned out and organized

nice huh?

I have about 30 photos of this room redo and it’s not even ready for the final reveal.

so I figured I would just to a mini series

you might love long blog posts with tons of photos


you might love little teasers with one or two

I’ll try to keep in interesting because let’s face it

how much can you talk about a floor treatment.

hence the reason for revisiting the closet that could have been featured in a horror film

or a reality show…like “Hoarders” or “Intervention”


A new floor treatment has been applied to closet and room

sorry for the blurry photos

I could claim that my camera is dying

that would be almost true

this is not the case with this photo

just bad lighting and …well that’s it; bad lighting!

no excuses

we used things that we already had in order to keep the cost down

in a previous attempt to help son stay organized, these bins were bought

and he did use them

just not efficiently

we had planned to purchase a closet unit with drawers as we had for our daughter’s closet

but we had the shelves and the bins

we had the mess managable

so we went with what we had on hand.

I think this is one of my favorite additions to his room

we had removed all of the baseboards to apply the floor treatment and we replaced the baseboards with simple 1 x 4 boards.  Nice clean lines and it allowed us to place an additional board below the existing selves.  perfect for shoes!

It all came together quite nicely.

nothing fancy. just good. clean. organized. functional

I think he can manage to keep it like this

what do you think?

any bets on the table as to how long this will last?

I’ll keep you posted 🙂



coming up next: DIY…Floor Treatment Revealed

One thought on “the boy’s closet before & after

  1. The organization looks amazing…but my question is…will it last? I’m thinking Mom made it look nice…does Son have the same thoughts? =)

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