Meet Bob!

I know…
he’s not red
but he will be
he’s our first tomato
I’m so proud!
Does this mean I’m a real gardener now?

This was no easy feat

I feel like a new mom

This began a year ago

when Mr. Rustique brought home these…

and see…you thought it was just me that brought junk home

I have an accomplice who is sometimes worse than me.

Like the time he brought home two beagle puppies he found walking down a busy road

or the time he found a bunny and brought it home

or the time he found a turtle and brought it home

at least this time it wasn’t cute or furry and I didn’t have to find a home for it.

He says; “I thought we could use these somewhere”  🙂

I love that man.

We decided to make some raised garden boxes out of this find.

and so it began…a year ago it looked like this

a box full of compost.

Earlier this month we got to this stage…

My thought was share the step by step on this build

but I’ve decided to keep this short and sweet.

I mean after all it is all about Bob!

But remember my post a few weeks ago about “CATERPILLARCIDE” and how I just couldn’t do it?

because I had bonded…

and he was so fuzzy…yada, yada, yada!

That was before I planted


checked dailey



and preened my little seedlings.

Only to come out one morning and find this…

I won’t get graphic

I realize some of you my not have the stomach for the details of


Let’s just say…

I have overcome my fondness for the little buggers

and they live no more!

I really am a gardener now 🙂

complete with maternal instincts!

Now that is organic gardening.

Of course their might be a flaw in my method…

I still have my soft spot…and this little guy would know exactly how to work his charm on me.


Stay tuned for the next episode of…

Veggie Tales; “The Build”




One thought on “Meet Bob!

  1. Cindi, I so look forward to your fun blog posts! I will be on the edge of my seat for upcoming episodes of this gardening show :o)

    xox, Daffy

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