Party Time & Things I Can’t Live Without…

Two weeks ago I got an email from my Pampered Chef consultant…Last Tuesday I was supposed to be hosting a party…Last week I came down with bronchitis…Last week we completed the floor project in my son’s room and the full contents of his room is scattered throughout my home.

I did not have the party. Turns out my party date slipped by her and me.  I felt terrible that I had to postpone my party.  So I thought maybe a catalog party would suffice, at least until I was on the mend and my house was put back together.

She graciously agreed with me.  So now I’m hosting a catalog party.  Due to this flurry of Pampered Chef activity this week, it shouldn’t surprise me that I keep noticing how many PC products I use on a daily basis.

As I was preparing breakfast and school lunch for my son this morning I blindly went about my tasks without so much as opening my eyes.

I wondered…Am I in a rut?

I do pretty much the same thing every morning and let me tell you, if my favorite kitchen items aren’t where they are supposed to be, I raise the roof.

I am in a rut!

But there are some things in my kitchen I know I could not live without!

(I’m such a drama mama)

It’s no secret that I love to cook. I’m not a fancy cook.  Just good old fashion, butter in everything, a little of this and a little of that, no recipe, fly by the strings of my apron, type of cook!

And I love short cuts too.
For instance…
While at a Pampered Chef show about a few years back, the consultant shared a tip about cooking bacon in the oven with one of the Pampered Chef stoneware pieces. No splatter, No mess and get this…it helps to season your stone.
She was referring to this stoneware large bar pan. I call it the jelly roll pan. Funny how we have our own names for our personal PC pieces.
Every since she told me that tip, bacon hasn’t been cooked on the stove since. Always in the oven at 425 for about 20 minutes and it’s always crisp and yummy. You still get the smell of bacon wafting through the house, just no grease everywhere.

I don’t want to think about living without this pan!

but now I see they offer a smaller one 🙂 this makes me happy!


Something else I use everyday…and I mean everyday…so much that I have two and I might “need” to order more!My All-Purpose Spreader

Love it!

It spread Peanut Butter so wonderfully…it’s dreamy and so affordable that I give it for gifts…in multiples!


Something else I use everyday…

My Mini-Whipper

Scrambled Eggs, Dressings, Milk Shakes, Vitamin drinks…

I also have two and should get one more.


oh. and my most favorite kitchen item…

my “splurge on me because I’m worth it” item

My 12″ Covered Skillet

Any time I can throw together a meal in one pan, I’m a happy woman.

This to me is the greatest kitchen tool I have!

But it’s the easy recipes that you can create that are also fabulous, especially for the family with kids running here and there, people coming home at various times, meetings, practices, games, jobs…

It’s crazy!

But you know what…we still manage to eat dinner together…and that is such a blessing!

I could go on, but these 4 items are my most used items.

But not to worry, I have my eyes set on some new measuring cups and spoons for this go round.

So what is your favorite Pampered Chef kitchen tool?

Is there one thing you could not do without it your cooking arsenal?

Do you have a favorite Pampered Chef recipe?

I do!

It’s the Skillet Lasagna in the 29 Minutes to Dinner Cookbook

It’s quick easy & delish!

My catalog party lasts until this Friday, April 29th if you need anything this is a great way to get it without leaving the comforts of your home.  I’ve always said the best way to shop is in your pajamas!

Just click HERE to shop and it will deliver to your front door!

disclosure~I am not affiliated with Pampered Chef and I was not compensated  for my opinion of the  products in this post.  This my personal experience and review of these products.

Holly Witter is my Pampered Chef Consultant and her information can be accessed through the links provided in this post.

2 thoughts on “Party Time & Things I Can’t Live Without…

  1. I have to admit that my favorite is the all purpose spreader that you have here on your post. My daughter-in-law is always having a Pampered Chef party, and I’ve ordered a few things just to make her happy, until the last time I just told her the truth that my kitchen is full. Even though I love to cook, I just have so much and what I need for cooking and baking. I hope your catalogue party is a great success, and I hope you are feeling better.

  2. LOVE Pampered Chef products! Sorry I missed your party. Thanks for sharing your favorites. I have that large bar pan too or as I say, “the jelly roll pan”. 🙂

    Hope you’re feeling much better! Your garden looks wonderful.


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