My Favorite Find of All Time

Or maybe I should say that this find is the most used of all the things we bring home from our flea market junk’n trips.

Definitely the most practical find…they are the workhorse of our home these days.

When I saw them I knew without a doubt that they were going home with us

Funny thing was they were on the first table we stopped at that day…Mister just rolled his eyes and forked over the cash, he knew better than to argue…I had that mad dog look in my eyes.

There are only four.

Perfect for us as this nest currently only houses four.

They are white.

Perfect they go with everything.

They are huge.

More perfect! We don’t go back for seconds 🙂

Measuring almost 12″ in diameter, the bowl area is 8″ and about 1″ deep.

They are awesome!

Some wonderful meals we’ve served in them…







Fruit & Cheese

Only one draw back… they have to sit out because I don’t have a cabinet or china hutch that can house them.  So they sit out on the buffet eagerly awaiting their next chance to serve us a yummy meal.

Here’s the low down on them.  Antique? No.  Vintage? Probably not.

Made by Vertex. With a simple signature on the bottom.

Come to find out this style is from the Buckingham Wide Rim Rolled Edge series.

Say that fast three times 🙂

They are made for the food service industry, therefore they are durable and functional

It’s always fun to learn about something you find and bring into your home.

but wait…I forgot to tell you the best part!

they were only $2 each!

Sweet! that makes me love them even more.




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