Fe Fi Faux Floor & More!

It is done

My son’s floor is done


Many posts to follow along with the final reveal…

but only a peek  for now.

But first let me just share some off my giddy moments this week.

And it’s all about the floors!

First…my daughter, son-in-law and my five little monkeys; bought a house in the fabulous Hill Country of Texas!

Sweet deal and I’m just so happy for them.

But of all the amazing things that this home has, the floors made me swoon.Hardwood throughout…Oak no less!

love. love. love.

and then;

one of my Etsy & bloggy friends Miss Erin of Creek Bed Threads, just bought a house.

When her and hubby ripped out the old carpet…what do you think they found?


Hardwood floors!  Oh my gosh!

Maybe some of you see work…I see dreamy!


Although we did not put down hardwood floors in my son’s room

I’m still very happy with the results

Fe Fi Faux Floor

Still much to do to finish this room

Baseboards this weekend…more “on the knees” work 😦

Can you guess what the floor is?

Rover says he’s happy with the results and wishes to go back to bed now.

He’s ready for his house to be back to normal.

Renovations are hard on the animals who are very set in their ways.




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