Ooooo! I’ll Take Three…But What are They?

I found this box of things at a flea market
not just your old run of the mill things either
these were gorgeous

There are very few things that will make me giddy
these made me light headed and giddy
they were rusty
they were heavy iron
they had great lines
they were going home with me!

How much do you want for these; I asked nonchalantly
as if I could take em or leave em

$5 a piece…hmmm
okay I guess I’ll take them…

and that, and these, and this too!
Good thing we were parked close because my arms were about 2″ longer after carrying them to the truck.

I was so excited about my new…my new; what were they?

We have to go back I told hubby; I have to know what these are.

When the guy saw me coming back he thought he had hit the lottery until I told him I was only back to asked what those things were.

Any guesses before I spill this beans?
Maybe I’ll wait and tell you at the end of the post…for now lets see all the fun ways to use them!

Awesome candle sticks!
They work in just about every room!

Just look how lovely the shape is…
Is it just me?
It looks as if it’s been turned on a lathe.
I am just crazy about this thing!

This makes me laugh!
reminds me of an Olympic flame
or the Statue of Liberty flame 🙂
not my style but it could work for some.

How about on the patio or garden
We use citronella candles a lot on our patio…nasty skeeters.

How about a vase for some silk flowers?
Don’t have silk flowers? Me either…I have wire and beads though!
Rusty Wire Flowers…sweet uh?
I won those beads in a give-a-way last week from Natalie at NKP Designs.
I love her beads and use them in a lot of my cross designs…now I have another reason to buy more…Yay

So did you figure out what they were used for or where they came from?

I bet you did

The guy told me they are spacers…or at least that is what he calls them.
they were used in between the discs on a combine *discer, used in seeding the crops.
no kidding!

How would you use them in your home?
I would love to hear your ideas.

*one of my readers led me in the right direction.  thank you.

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11 thoughts on “Ooooo! I’ll Take Three…But What are They?

  1. Ok I would have snatched up those babies in a heart beat! I love them! Who would think… $5.00 for an old rusty thing that we don’t know what it is…. A bargain!
    Well done!
    Susan @ homeroad

  2. Visiting from FJI! Those rusted beauties really caught my eye. What a lucky find!! I never in my life would have guessed what they are, though. This city girl knows absolutely nothing about combines, but I absolutely love them used for candles!! Actually my favorite is the arrangement with one potted plant and one candle.

    I’ve started a weekly link party on Sundays over at Addicted 2 Decorating. I hope you’ll come link up your flea market find!!

  3. Hey there, very cool… They are spacers for a discer which was used for seeding crops, we use airseeders now. Combines don’t have discers on them as they are used for Harvesting.. Just FYI.. Thanks for the great idea

    1. Thank you Tami for correcting my error. I’m sure that is what this vendor told me and my translation messed it up big time. 🙂 I’ll claim ignorance since I grew up in the city.

    1. Hey Paula…they were part of the machine that did the seeding. They where the spacers between the discs. 🙂 I love them too. They have been so fun to work with.

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