I Won the Battle…But the War is On!

This will be painted black and hung on the wall
It will hold the freakishly large PEZ collection my son has
But the deal was…
Clean out the closet first!
Daffy was putting in his two cents

You might recall that this room was the only room that had any clear floor space to assemble a laundry hamper

But that was before…

the great closet explosion of 2011

You might assume that the closet is larger than I allowed you to see

that would seem logical when you cast your eyes upon all of this that came out of it.

but no.no.no.

you would be wrong!  the closet is a mere 3 x 5 feet not yards

yes…that is a smirk on his face as he is throwing the crap into the once “empty” room

that smirk quickly vanished when I handed him the contractor sized trash bag and said

“now clean it up!”

Now this is painted black and we hung it up this evening.


floor repair 😦

Before we can do the floor treatment we have to patch the holes where the carpet tack boards were

but then there are the 4 rather large gouges in the slab right smack  in the middle of the room

these were gifts from the building crew when the home was built and then they were covered with carpet so we would find them years later.

Wasn’t that so nice of them?

Patching the holes wasn’t as difficult as I had thought would be

more on that later

We have patched and we will begin the awesome floor treatment this weekend

Can’t wait to share with you!


One thought on “I Won the Battle…But the War is On!

  1. Wow…that’s an amazing pile…he should get an award for cramming so much junk into a small space! LOL…I was wondering how old he was…then I saw…teen! =) LOL…too funny. =)

    I’m sure all your hard work will be worth it in the end.

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