I Just Couldn’t Do It!

The minute I clicked the shutter…

I bonded with him

He’s so cute and fuzzy

and he looks like he has a scruffy little mustache

He can’t eat that much…

can he?

Maybe I’m not cut out to have a garden if I have to commit…



Could you?

Maybe a big bird will come eat it and keep my conscience clean.

2 thoughts on “I Just Couldn’t Do It!

  1. It depends on what kind of caterpillar he is. =) Will he be destructive or turn into something beautiful.

    We have issues with gypsy moth’s here in the north…they destroy so much. After they hatch or whatever, we can walk down the road and the children can gather handfuls of them in just a few steps….it’s really gross. I don’t like them to step on them…just because that’s gross too…but they really are a bad little caterpillar. =(

  2. I’m so glad you stopped by my blog!! I just checked out your older post and wow! you have a great blog and garden!!! My garden was just uncovered by the last bit of snow and I have some green popping up. You can check out my other family blog at http://jspoirier.blogspot.com/

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