It began just like any other weekend morning…

coffee with a few close friends out by the pool

but with so much to do

my daydreaming came to an end and reality quickly set in.

I took the easy way out and popped in yummy orange rolls for breakfast

I will later justify this indulgence if I must

suffice it to say; I only bought these for a craft project

enough said!

I only ate two…honest.


With son’s room in redo mode

the paint sample was approved by all and preparations have begun

this was the room in half empty stage

he has since moved everything out (except the closet)

and while it’s getting renovated…

(yes that is Underdog drawn on the back of the door…yes I let my kids draw on their doors)

I get to keep these guys in my bathroom!

Oh joy…

They stare at me when I’m taking a bath


but they are pretty cute

and they talk to me and I talk back to them


Wit & Dewey…son’s gerbils

are not real smart gerbils since they sleep in their exercise wheel

but then maybe they exercise in their sleep


maybe I should try that.

Looking for any excuse to not be inside

even though we need to finish one project before moving on to another,

I remembered my garden…

up until this last weekend

this was my garden

a clump of garlic chives growing randomly at the edge of my driveway


I just found my excuse

I was time to grow up and do the real deal

this is just pitiful…

garden center here we come!


It’s our first garden 🙂

we’re so darn proud

and so far…

it’s still alive!

Hard work though, hope watering is easier that putting it all together.

My sweet daughter made lunch…

perfect for a hot day of work

and a carb filled breakfast.

I take pictures of food.

[family rolling their eyes]

It’s proof that I do eat healthy

Here is my foundation for my potting bench

rough draft…hubby will frame and packed with sand

because we need another project

Rudy inspects and approves of this new addition to his domain

I was worried.

So now the garden is done

rusty drain pipe planter is done

wheel barrow is done

Productive weekend huh?

but son’s room is still not finished.

oh well…I hear we’re due for some rain

now we will have something to keep us busy indoors.

good planning.



4 thoughts on “Detour

  1. Good job on your new garden! I’ve seen the pot handle some where on a blog…was it you or Funky Junk Interiors…somebody had 2 or 3 of them and they didn’t know what they were….glad you have one and know what they are…lol…good eats!

  2. What a beautiful MUG! I love pottery and that is gorgeous!

    Looks like you’ve had a busy week…so I’m sure the 2 rolls were merited. =)


  3. Great post, Cindi! Love your new raised bed garden,and I hope you enjoy tending it and watching it grow :o) I too have raised beds and love them! Makes gardening much easier!
    Hey! I like taking pics of food too, and yours looked yummy. But, I am dying to know how on earth orange rolls (YUM) are a part of a craft project…? You really need to share that info!

    xox, Daff

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