It Was Worth The Wait!

I was patient…I’m going to sit with that for a minute because I don’t get to claim that sentence very often.  it really feels good.

I knew what I wanted. Exactly what I wanted and I waited for just the right moment.  all I had to do was be patient and low and behold.

I had found it…

That’s not it.  Well it is part of it.  But not “it”

It was during white knuckle moment as my son drove to school last week.

he’s a great driver, but we were in a school zone, residential street, police cars patrolling, orange cones set up for “men working”.  It was nerve wracking to be in the passenger seat.

I was unusually dressed that morning.  Wait.  I’m always dressed but not as if I would want to be seen.  You know….throw on something decent just to make the school run.  But today I was actually dressed because I was planning on going to Wal Mart.  That was the day I went to purchase my exercise equipment.  🙂

any who…being the passenger I was able to look at things going on around me.

And that’s when I saw it!

[angelic choir sings “Hallelujah”]

My next thought was;

how to go about getting it…

I dropped my DS off at school and began to churn with ideas. My mind was going none stop.

Let’s see I could…

1. run my errands and then casually drive by to see if it’s still there

2. do my errands later, drive by and see if I can lift it

3. ditch everything and go get it.

bet you’ll never guess which one I chose.

I hurry like crazy to get back to the place I saw it, all the while rehearsing what I would do and say;

I pulled closer, saw what looked like the foreman of this little construction project, put the brake on (you would never believe how many times I haven’t and my truck begins to roll, but you see I rehearsed that part too) got out and boldly walked up and said; “you know that thing over there (pointing) can I have it?”  “I mean, are you just going to throw it away, because I really want it.”

…he said “of course; pull your truck up and I’ll load it”

*giddy with excitement* I ran back to the truck (released the brake) and pulled up parallel to the cones which meant that I was stopping traffic 🙂 sorry people this is important business going on here. After it was all loaded up…with “impatient” people behind me, off I went.

I now own it!


Are you sitting on the edge of your seat yet just wondering “what the heck”?

Imagine the phone call to my husband and I babbled on and on about how “I found it”!

found what?  he asked

That thing I’ve been wanting.  Silence.  Which thing?

I explained more and he remembered what thing; he said “great”

but I knew he was doing that swirly index finger motion next to his temple.

I took pictures, unloaded it and waited…and planned.  There were things to do in preparation for my newest acquisition.

the flowers

it’s new home

my sweet hubby removed the bottom…he used patience too and some elbow grease.

it is now a stepping stone in the flower bed.

easy access to the pool light now without getting bare feet dirty

thinking it might get too hot for feet. nah.

by the time we need the pool lights on it’s dark and had time to cool down.

filled half way with leaves and composting material didn’t want it take all of my dirt

it’s done.  filled with sunflowers, geraniums, marigolds and sweet potato vine

oh! and remember these from my last post?  I called them “we three things”

I found these at a railroad dumping ground, thought they were wonderful and tossed them in my car.

what? doesn’t everyone hang out at a railroad dump site?  lot’s of fun junk there!

I thought they would look spiffy hanging on the sides of my new rusty drain pipe planter

not to brag…but I was right!

they look very spiffy!

yes indeed…it was worth the wait!

this was the next day…the geranium likes it’s new home.  I added a bamboo stick to tie up the sunflowers as the shoot up.  We also later found the site where our city crews were dumping and found a shorter pipe, I’ve planted herbs in that one for now.this patience thing is pretty neat…I might just get good at it 🙂

So…whatcha think?

My son was worried that “all this rusty stuff” was going to look junky!

are you laughing as hard as I was?

I said “exactly” that’s the whole point!

What is the most unusual thing you’ve ever planted flowers in?

I can think of some more containers I would love to find…

how about you? Looking for something special?


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10 thoughts on “It Was Worth The Wait!

  1. LOL First of all I have to hand it to you, even calling your husband to tell him you found “it”. My husband would be telling me to leave “it” there so I don’t even call anymore. The other day he wanted to know what the “telephone pole” was doing in the garage… no it was a nice, rustic, post!
    And the part about putting your car in park, I almost wet my pants… I got out of MY car the other night and the car started rolling away! I thought this stuff only happened to me!
    They are ready to commit me…. But when I showed my husband what you made from that pipe, he actually said it was really NICE! Now I’ve gotta go find one! Love it Cindi! Genius thinking!
    Susan @ homeroad

  2. You’re amazing…and I smile just reading about your trusty rusty treasures! I love what you did with it! I was wondering. =)

  3. Cindi,
    It is always so comforting to find someone that shares your quirks, like loving rusty old junk and a tendency to let your car roll away (and we worry about our children and their driving!) Love the use of the “We Three Things” too.
    Looking forward to your next discovery!

  4. I am totally in love with it!!! My husband says if I bring anything else home outta the garbage, he will change the locks…or throw it out while I am sleeping. Can you believe him!!!!!
    Have a great day, your flowers are precious:)

  5. Wow! I love it! I can certainly relate about the being patient part! (and the sitting in the passenger seat with new drivers.) 🙂

    I’m here from the blog hop and looking forward to following you.

    Have a great day.

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