Just Kick’n Around with Some Fun Stuff

Does this mean what I think it means?

That somewhere in my flower bed…there’s a naked

Maybe he out grew his shell.

I feel his pain

what makes me think it’s a he?

Because you know how guys just leave their stuff laying around  🙂

I placed it back in the flower bed…

think of it like a consignment shop for snails.

It’ll probably be snatched up soon, maybe by a girl snail

but you can be sure she won’t be seen in it until after Memorial Day

she wouldn’t want to risk a fashion faux pas.


Any one up for Rustic Noodles?

nope this is not a new Tuscan Pasta recipe

just a pile of funky rusty something that I found

what will I do with it?

who knows…but you can bet your britches I’ll write a post about it when I do.


Did you have one of these when you where a kid?

*gasp* if you did…bet I can guess how old you are.

I had a plastic one…with a crank.

put the peanuts in the top and give it a few turns…viola!

Peanut Butter

[fancy meeting you here]

this guys not plastic, he’s iron…the iron peanut *giggle*

could be a new super hero!

But mine’s no hero, he just looks dapper as he shares a Chance Encounter with

some daylillies by that name.

Didn’t plan it that way…didn’t notice till I cropped the photo

that’s called “irony”


I call this photo

“We Three Things”

and yes I do have a plan for them

that’s tomorrows post…so stay tuned!


Last one…

What is it?

any guesses?

pretty cool ugh?

I love the texture…and the color.

you think if I took this to Sherwin Williams they could color match for me?

I let you know!


Sorry for the mindless post

the wind was horrific here today and whatever it was kick’n up…

gave me a monster migraine…so there is no mind in my head right now,

just a throbbing pain.

I love Spring though…

had fun putzing in the yard with my mister…

several projects completed and many more started.

How did you spend your weekend?

Are you working on any home improvement projects this Spring?

Our list grows longer each day…

oh well, it keeps me outta trouble!


5 thoughts on “Just Kick’n Around with Some Fun Stuff

  1. Hey Cindy. Love your blog post. Can’t wait to see what you do with your rusty objects. I’ve got something that I’ll just have to post for you to see that I purchased on Etsy. Hint: It’s rusty.

    As far as Mr. Peanut? I’m older than you and I never saw one!

    The shell? Would look cute on a cross with shells or one of your wind chimes. However, I also think you should leave it for the next snail that needs a home:)

  2. Hi, Cindi! You’re such an artist – both in words and in pictures. Can you share this with us in our Creative Bloggers’ Party & Hop?

    It’s easy to join. All you have to do is 1) link up whatever creative post you’d like to share – can be a DIY project, decor, photography,crafts, recipes, poem, thrifty finds, or that informative syndicated post that can
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    You’re not even required to include the party button – you read that right – not required to include the party button but if you’re so inclined display it in your blog or your post, you’re very much welcome to do so 🙂

    Please join us at http://www.homemakeronadime.com/2011/04/creative-bloggers-party-hop-giveaway.html

  3. You are hilarious:) Love this post. I am taking a blogging break…wanted to let you know…but I will be around…on your blog…and facebook…so we can still hang out. I am tired, you know…and burnt out a little.
    Talk soon my friend

  4. I’m sorry your not feeling your best. You really found some neat things, and thanks for posting them even if your head was pounding. We just worked in the yard over the weekend. I finished putting the mulch in the flower beds, pulled some weeds, and planted a few new plants. Other than that, me and my hubby just sat on the patio, enjoying the 85 degree temps and cooked out on the grill friday and saturday night. We had a great weekend!

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