Capturing Wildlife in Suburbia

I’ve seen many lovely things in my life. but nothing compares to the beauty of
God’s creation.

From time to time I actually have the chance to capture photos of wildlife in my yard.

Although my photography skills are very crude; at least I can aim and push a button.


walk with me


an amazing chance to watch a Cardinal enjoy his afternoon snack.


a Blue Jay claim his territory in my backyard…


I would only work this hard for chocolate.


are you thinking this is just adorable?  it get’s better.


lay low and blend in…I think she knows that I’m watching her. or she ate too much.


a little cotton tail seeks shelter in the cold…hope to see it hopping around the yard soon.


i would have loved to get the pic of hubby jumping when he disturbed mr. frog’s cozy slumber…

had to settle for the photo of the frog and his little grumpy face.

“fat frumpy frog” so sorry we bothered you.

While I’ve always yearned to live in the country…

my little plot of land in suburbia seems to keep me supplied with plenty of photo opts…

and plenty of opportunities to stop and enjoy some cute critters.



2 thoughts on “Capturing Wildlife in Suburbia

  1. Thanks for sharing the pics. It is nice having such birds and etc. in the yard isn’t it? We love all the wildlife in our yard also. I’m waiting to take picture’s of the baby chickadee’s. A couple of chickadee’s picked out our bird house just about 8 fts. straight from our back door. We can sit out on the patio and watch them go in and out. Since we are outside so much, they aren’t scared of us at all. Simply amazing!

  2. Cindi! These photos are fantastic! What a fun array of wildlife you have right there in your yard :o)
    Thanks so much for sharing!
    xox, Daff

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