Feel’n Rustic & Blue…


I could write a Country & Western song!

or  better yet how about I take pictures of rustic and blue

and your ears will thank me.

as far as collections go; i’ve heard that if you have more than three of anything then it is indeed a collection.

does that mean i have a collection of children…LOL!

while browsing through and organizing my flickr site i noticed something…

i had a collection!

so i pulled it together and dubbed it

Feel’n Rustic and Blue…

Rustic Doors & Lock Galveston, TX

check out this gnarly but oh so wonderful old door in Galveston, TX. it would have been a shame to walk by without click’n a pic

although i do regret not getting the photo of the guy in Bermuda shorts and cowboys boots.

i don’t know about you but this texture just gives me goosebumps. and makes me want to take it home with me.

must just be me. huh?

Fredricksberg, TX

aren’t these lovely?

old shutters found in Fredricksberg, Tx

sometimes looking up gives you the best view…know what i mean 😉

eye level…going in for a closer look.

cornerstone date stamp 1889

looks pretty darn good for 120 + years.

Fredricksberg, TXi love this wonderful old stone…

Texas Limestone it’s divine!


one thing i know is that it is pure vintage yum!

Whatever it’s intended use, it has been kept in excellent condition.  I used this as a book shelf in my kitchen at on time.

Embossed on the top front of the cutter is Voss No. 12

wall cross flower vaseSedum flowers in a rustic vase

i have two Sedum plants in my flower bed. they were given to me from my neighbor who has since passed. i think of her every time i look at this photo and my plants.

a curbside rescue turned prop for outside photos, now rests inside our home safe from the outside elements.

can you believe someone threw this lovely old shutter away?  shocking!!!!

this shutter was featured in the free Valentine downloads offered last month.

you can find those here…don’t wait for one day a year to share your love!

did you catch the irony of this post?

i was organizing my flickr!!! …wasn’t it just the last post where i mentioned that i was not obsessive?

can’t clean up my work area but i can organize photos.


so while i am lov’n the walk down rustic lane…i’m not feel’n a bit blue tonight!

this was almost as fun as redecorating a room!

which by the way it’s time to do…i don’t really redecorate as much a move things around.

kind of like recirculating objects. since i Spring cleaned my den this past Sunday; my mantel has been cleared off completely.

just like a fresh clean piece of canvas. ready for a splash of color, dimension and texture.

sleep will not come easy tonight.

too much thinking.


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