FRAGILE…What did I order from Italy?


I’m I the only one laughing?

It wasn’t from Italy.  LOL…it’s from that silly movie “The Christmas Story”

never mind…if I have to explain it, then it’s not so funny!  🙂

but it is…because that was the first thought that ran through my head when Riley (DD) brought in the mail.

Second thought was…did I forget that I ordered something?

if curiosity killed the cat…I’m as good as gone at this point.

I opened carefully…because. you know. it’s fragile 🙂

and look!

at first I thought somebody made a mistake.

worse somebody didn’t get what they ordered because I got it.


but wait.

there’s a card.


(that’s me.  it’s mine.  oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!)

I wanted to send this to YOU! w/the wind chime.  I hope you enjoy.

~ Susan

ohmygosh! ohmygosh! ohmygosh!

I had ordered one of Susan’s beach glass wind chimes for my sister in law for Christmas.

I fell head over heels with Susan’s creations first time I found her shop on Etsy.

It’s called SwoozieStuff

I’ve yet to get one for myself…I’m plotting patiently waiting 🙂

DD graduating in June.

Money going out the door like it’s being sucked by a vacuum. It’s crazy!

But thanks to Susan…I can now admire her lovely beach glass design on my wrist.

(please no laughing at my no tan, wrinkle, chubba wrist)

Thank you Susan.

You made my day!

ps…you can visit Susan’s blog @

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