The View Through a Toilet Paper Roll

You would think that I would have learned all of the tricks of staying focused on one thing. After all I am over 50 and I have sat through numerous nights of squirmy children not wanting to do their homework.
Did I not listen to anything I  told them?
Unfortunately the older I get the less I stay focused on one task.
I would love to believe that it has something to do with creative license, but I don’t consider myself creative;
I just have a head full of thoughts.
At times it’s confusing and overwhelming to have so many ideas jumping around in your head at any given moment. I only give myself the “creative” label when one of those ideas takes actual form.
So how do I take one thing and focus on it until it’s done?
Like this!

I have heard a saying when one is facing a monumental task or being overwhelmed with a overbooked calender or a looming project deadline;
“how do you eat an elephant?”
Answer; “one bite at a time” of course… meaning split the list, divide and conquer.
But sadly I can drive myself into a rut just facing certain situations and deadlines.
Procrastination is a huge factor in my ability to tackle some projects.
However, there are times when I just work better under pressure.

If catching a mouse is your task that day, look at all of the things that could send you off in other directions and the mouse would get away for one more day.
Now suppose you’re sidetracked by the huge red wheelbarrow in the middle of the flower bed; you take time out to move it…then clear away the pile of sticks thrown off to the side, clean  up the yard, trim the bushes and turn the compost… at the end of the day you might have accomplished one of two things;
#1  made a bigger mess
#2  managed to get the yard looking good.
Either way the other thing that you needed to do; catch the mouse…is still not done.
For me it’s usually #1
I typically make a bigger mess!
What about you?   Do you stay focused on what you have to do?
Are you a “stay on task” personality?
Are you a “oh..what’s this over there”  personality?
What tricks or methods do you use to keep yourself on task and focused?


Speaking of tasks…it’s time to announce my give a way winner!
#13 Christine

You can meet Christine over at her blog Great Oak Circle.
where she just happens to be hosting a give a way too.

2 thoughts on “The View Through a Toilet Paper Roll

  1. Congrats Christine!

    I usually stay on task…I just have lots of things I want to do, so sometimes I feel overwhelmed thinking I’ll never get done.

    Love the toilet paper example.

  2. Thanks Cindi and thanks Anita:)

    I can typically stay on task, but when I get frustrated I just throw everything in the garbage and move on to something else, which happened yesterday with a bag I was trying to sew. I know better than to sew!!!

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