A Long Overdue Thank You :)

very belated…yet very heartfelt




Several months ago (((blush))) I entered and contest and I won the items in the photo above.
Yes! I am just now getting around to sharing this wonderful news with you?
Yes! I am ashamed of myself.
But…in my defense I was away for awhile helping my amazing daughter and her precious family welcome their fifth blessing. Which just happens to be our 10th grandchild. And then add to that the fact that I have cornered the market in “procrastination” and there you go.
I could also say that I was giving Mike and Sally time to set up their new blog site. I really think that sounds so magnanimous of me ๐Ÿ™‚ Their new blog is so wonderful…it has a completely different look and feel. Very polished and classy…I like it lots, and I love my handmade coffee cup and journal that I won.
I must confess, I did give my journal with the cute little owl on front, as a birthday gift to one of my closest friends.
Check out Night Owl Craftworks and see what I’m jabbering about, they have some amazing talent going on over there.


I have ordered tin hearts from JackRabbitFlats on Etsy before and I loved them so much (and so did my customers) that it was time to order more.

She has some very wonderful and rusty tin hearts.

Recently she listed a really big tin heart and my heart went “pitter pat”!
I placed my order and then North Texas experienced winter…and it was nothing short of spectacular, for us that is. So sensational it was…that is was dubbed “Snowmaggedon”. But really it was just plain cold and very old by the third day even with a nice crackling fire.
Needless to say, mail was slowed down because it was just BAD! I thought nothing of it and sort of forgot about my order…I mean I was stuck in the house for five days with two dogs, two teens and a hubby who couldn’t work due to weather. Does the term “grouchy” even come close to my state of mind? no…it was more to the point of true cabin fever. Let’s just say my desire to live in a “cabin in the woods” has now been modified to “cabin in the woods in the Springtime”

My order did arrive and look…how sweet of her to wrap my hearts up so pretty. In my state of frenzy to open and see, I suddenly realized that this should be documented.
I mean shouldn’t all of her time and thoughtfulness be shouted from my rooftop. Too many times I just silently note something to be awesome, but don’t take the time to share it with others.
Her presentation is something to brag about!

I am completely ga.ga over my tin hearts.
Betty said that I would love the heart cut out of the ceiling tin…see the one with the scrolls?
Oh! she does know me well.
It is divine!

This is how I used my last order of tin hearts. My best selling design during the Christmas season.
I might go back to this again at a later date. But something tells me that spring is near. Even though we have ice on the ground again and the wind chills were -4 last night. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ burrr!
Stay tuned for some springtime rustic works…I’m thinking chippy paint, crusty rusty tin, some rough and textured beads…
oh! speaking of beads!


In November Natalie posted a story about some beads she had worked onย  and of course I left a comment about how much I loved them.ย  You can see her post here, honestly I think her beads are one of the reasons I continue to make crosses.ย  I need a reason to buy them.ย  But…guess what she did?

Yep you got it.ย  They’re mine. And I never want to use them because they are so wonderful.

I think that qualifies as hoarding. I’m pretty sure that is wrong.

oh well!

No worries…I can hear my conscience talking to me already.

I really have learned to dislike that voice.

You can drool over Natalie’s over at her Etsy shop; NKP BEADS

just don’t take any of the ones I want! ๐Ÿ™‚ *wink*



and then I get to draw for the winner!
How exciting is that?

If you didn’t get a chance to enter for the Musical Flower Bouquet you still have time!
See that post here.

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