Some Things I Love Today.

Again we woke to icy roads, gray skies and sleet pelting my skylight. Another day in paradise…just a frame of mind right?

What to do to keep from going bonkers when you know you are stuck in the house…
Going to “Etsy” and looking for fun things to style up my walls sounds fun!
Let’s go!

{by Pumpkin and Butterfly}

Very adorable and I love the colors…would look fab on my slate gray walls in my bedroom…only thing is, she going to have to make our branch really long…
for laughs she could add the bigger owls (me and Jim) at the end of the branch and make it bow…LOL!

{by DirtyBils Interiors}

Some people are just too clever…I am just a bit jealous and can see a trip to the hardware store sometime in my hubby’s future 🙂

{by Bluebird Heaven}

WOW! Never in a million years would I have thought of this one….then again I don’t have that much jewelry!  My fave is the turquoise example of this!

Got any clever ideas to share with me today?

I promise to share 🙂

Enjoy your day whatever the weather  may be…

5 thoughts on “Some Things I Love Today.

  1. I have been going back and forth on whether I want to get one of those huge vinyl decals with a great Bible verse for the living room. I want simple.

    okay after saying I want simple, then looking on Etsy again I have decided that I’d take a huge un-simple gorgeous vinyl decor!

  2. I really like that bookcase deal, so clever. And the earring holder, I need that too.
    ps-it snowed here yesterday. I nearly cried.

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