A Vintage Shoppe Redo & Some Light Marketing

My love for salvage will never fade and my house has reached the limit of my hoarding capabilities.  This is not news to my family as they have suffered tolerated my exuberance for vintage treasures for more than thirty years.

I have mentioned more than a few times that it is indeed time to clean out the and move on.   I even opened another Etsy shoppe in 2008 in order to have a place to “virtually” place my prized possessions on display so others might have an opportunity to benefit from my ample stock of cookie jars, dishes and many other items that I thought I could never part with.

Never say never…

It is time once again to stock the shoppe!

I realized that this has been great therapy; I have found things that I forgot I had…

which means that I no longer need it  if I had forgotten that I had it.


(listing soon)

So here we are again; my counters are full of  vintage lovelies all washed up and ready to photograph…and then the weather decided to get really nasty…taking photos on dark cloudy days is a little frustrating. I needed a diversion until mr. sun came back out to play.

Diversion tactic #1…revamp my shop

Inspired by the wonderful  typography word art you see all over these days;

subway signs like this one from

Barn Owl Primitives

I went over to Picnik and created my new banner.

and my new avi

Diversion tactic #2

Dusted off  my Muggsey & Mae Facebook fan page…

added a new photo album so people can have easy access to images.

even though the fans are a bit skimpy at this point I had enough to set my vanity name for the page.

instead of a three lined URL it’s just simply;


and went over to get my code to add a “like box” to my Muggsey & Mae blog and place on my website.


Created an Etsy tab for the fanpage…Tried to get my blog to link over onto the notes tab but it was a “fail” so I cut and pasted a post until I can figure out the glitch.


Although the sun only broke out from behind the clouds a few minutes yesterday, there was enough reflection from all of the snow and ice coming into the window that I did get some photos done. At least enough to get a more diverse selection of items in the shoppe. Having it loaded with just cookie jars was no fun…it’s like walking into a store in the mall, taking one look at a price tag and high tailing it out of there.

I knew that I needed some lower priced pieces even a little bit of odds and ends.


I’d say that’s pretty odd…but wouldn’t those door knob rods make a really cool wind chime?

hummm…maybe I’ll unlist them and work on that!  🙂

So I think I’m ready to get this party started…the listing party that is.

It will feel good to get some of these things moved out of here…

to make room for more!!!!!!




One thought on “A Vintage Shoppe Redo & Some Light Marketing

  1. You are hysterical. I think we have been in the house too long! It was really nice and sunny here, I went for a walk around our lake. I know you’re jealous

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