So You Can’t Sew? …You Can Still Create!

Pillows Before

I actually made my bed one day…but it needed something. I guess six pillows aren’t enough.

Pillows Gathering Supplies

I had some extra burlap, an extra pillow with no cover…an idea began to form.
My left over burlap from another project was just wide enough for this no sew project. I really didn’t need to cut the length but I did because I had another thought brewing on the other side of my brain. Read about that here.

Pillows Beginning

I centered the pillow on the burlap and rolled.

Pillows and Tie Again

I ripped (not cut) some fabric strips. I like the frayed look. By tying the fabric strips close to the pillow on each end, my pillow was pretty much complete.  Total project time so far…about 5 minutes 🙂

Pillows A Bow?

Prefer a more finished look?  …try a bow.

Pillows On a Roll

…I just left the frayed strips of fabric untied.

Pillows TahDah!A friend of mine made a really cute flower for my jacket lapel…like this one she has in her Etsy shop right now.

except mine flower is made with brown, beige colors…

I added it to my pillow…adorable!

some other great combos…

denim and twine

muslin and raffia

toile and velvet ribbon

taffeta and tulle

for the spa…

a towel and a hair scrunchy 🙂

Who knew that “no sewing” could be so fun!

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