“Get Your Bow On”… 12 Ways to Display a Burlap & Wire Bow


this is a stretch in terms of useful information
but you never know when you might need a bow.
poetic aren’t i?

keeping is simple…cut a square or slightly rectangular piece of fabric.

i love burlap so that was my fabric of choice.
scrunch in middle.
cut some wire to desired length…i used rusted 16 gauge wire.
begin about 6 inches up from end of wire and wrap around scrunched area of bow leaving about the same amount of wire at the end…twist to secure and curl ends.

you’re done.

grab a paper clip…slip it on the back and go!

here are my suggestions 🙂

#1… on a wreath

#2…on a lamp

#3…on a pillow

#4…on a shower curtain

#5…on some towels

#6…embellish your towel rack

[doesn’t everyone do this?]

#7…on a primitive painting

#8…on on grate over mantle

#9…on a wire basket

#10…on a crusty old shutter

#11…on a really crusty chippy window frame

#12…on the family dog!

omg’sh…i didn’t even think about the grill of my car!  just a thought 🙂

before i ask your opinion…i’ll just share mine;

“i like #3…the pillow the best”

what about you?

what ways can you use a bow to accessorize your home?

yes…this is a serious question.

2 thoughts on ““Get Your Bow On”… 12 Ways to Display a Burlap & Wire Bow

  1. Hey there Cindy! thanks for your comment on my blog! yes, I walked to the boys room several times to give myself a big pat on my back! lol thanks for stopping by and leaving a little hope for my future in laws and me! lol have a great day!Stephanie

  2. Found you through google. I needed to know how to make a burlap bow and your blog popped up and so glad it did! I am your newest follower and would love a follow back 🙂 Merry Christmas!

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