Branching Out!

The End.

but it really all began like this.

Donna at Funky Junk Interiors posted on her Facebook fan page that Becky over at Buckets of Burlap had finished and blogged about her kitchen redo.

well of course I had to go look…so can you by going HERE

be sure to look at her little ladder she built…that’s were this little story starts to take root.

[photo by Buckets of Burlap]

i thought this was just darling…made a mental note to keep all fence wood in my possession and not let hubby throw ANYTHING away 🙂

and then the Saturday Night Special opened up over at Funky Junk Interiors…

you’ll never guess what the special was this week.

Twigs, Sticks & Branches!

I had nothing to contribute…I was working on another tutorial for my blog and it didn’t have anything to do with twigs, sticks or branches.


but I savored every word and photo on this particular SNS right before I went to bed…and guess what happened?

let’s just say…hubby had a project waiting for him when he woke up!

oh…puleeeze don’t feel sorry for him!  he loves it when I plan his whole Sunday for him 🙂

besides…I blamed it on Donna…she started it.

this is the beginning…

we have lots of branches and I want a ladder for towels in the guest bath

I chose a few straight branches but then decided a couple of crooked branches would add more funk

here’s the plan…so lets begin.

first we gathered tools and hardware.

the wood was really dry and stubborn so we drilled holes first

then we secured the branches with wood screws

and then tightened more by hand (the wood was being very ornery, had to add some elbow grease)

making sure the screws went all the way into the bottom piece of wood

I didn’t want to see the screws so I wrapped with jute twine…giving it a more rustic look

(can you get more rustic than branches?)

as you can see this turned out REALLY TALL, about 7′ leaning!  thank goodness my ceilings are tall…

to the bathroom we go.

hmmm…the bathroom is galley style so it is not extremely wide, not much room to give the ladder a good slant

I’m standing in the tub to get this view…

I decide this will not work for this room…sad but not defeated.

on to plan B

I moved it to another room!  There was an old weathered ladder leaning against this wall

took that one to the bathroom and put the branch ladder here!

well there ya go, we are now back to…

The End.

Thank you Donna, Becky and my sweet hard working hubby!


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7 thoughts on “Branching Out!

  1. Oh gosh… I love it! I love it! I want one. 🙂

    Good for you on going for it. I’ve done some of my best work to meet a theme deadline. Kudos! You won’t regret the extra effort. I mean, look what you ended up getting. 🙂

    So sweet of you to mention Becky and myself in your post. Thank-you!


    1. Donna…It was so fun!

      I fell in love with the Buckets of Burlap blog the first time I landed there…she has some awesome DIY style going on over there and of course I love your FJI. Oh my goodness your SNS brings out the most creative people. I really enjoy looking through the submissions…they are amazing. You must love it!

  2. Cindi,

    I love, love, love, this!! Valentine collects all of our branches and brings them up by the porch. Do ya think I might be able to train her how to make a branch ladder for me? Hahaha!!

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