What Lurks Behind the Madness?

why…oh…why do you read so many blogs?

because they teach… i learn

they joke… i laugh

they confide… i cry & pray

they share ideas… i try their ideas

yesterday without fail, i learned that mistakes can be a blessing!

i found her blog (no that wasn’t my mistake) and she has great ideas.

ding…light bulb moment!

in her post about “Catching Up” she posted this photo…

Junkin Julie Door Knob Photo Holder


look what i just happen to have lying around?

Big Bowl of Junk

my mistake?

once again i had ordered the wrong gauge of wire

much to thick to do much with it


Rustique Art's Door Know Photo Holder

thanks to Junkin Julie’s blog post

it’s all good now 🙂

and that is why i read so many blogs!

aaaahhhh…sweet validation!

perfectly inspired.

Where do you get your inspiration?

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