Deep Sea Dumpster Diving…

It is what it is…but so much more!

Because you see I pulled these skirts out of the dumpster when we were on vacation at the beach in Surf Side, Texas this past July.  No really that is just how it happened.

But of course there is a back story!

You see we went to Galveston to do some sightseeing and have a yummy seafood meal at the Fisherman’s Wharf ~


and of course there was just a tiny bit of shopping too.

I found these lovely skirts in a quaint little shop and I bought them.

My wonderful hubby even carried my packages around all day.  This will be something for you to remember in a few minutes. Yep, the salesperson took my $62.00 and wrapped my skirts in paper then folded them up and placed them in a shopping bag.  I tied my bag at the top to prevent any escape of clothing and it was easier to carry that way.

I had a one more purchase,  one more bag, it was flat and needed care not to get bent.  That story is for another day…and yes another blog post.

When it all of our delightful sightseeing was over and our bellies were full, we moseyed on back to the beach house.  I forgot about my packages kind of…well I took the flat one in and left the other in the car…I didn’t want to bother packing a sack of clothes in the suitcase when the skirts were fine where they were.  Besides…we drove our car down to the beach so it was one less thing to carry down the stairs went it came time to pack up and go home!

I seriously think I lost weight going up and down those stairs 8 to 10 times a day for six days!

Maybe not…but I think I did 🙂

This picture was taken as we were leaving to come home.  Amazing! we spent six beautiful days there and the day we go home it begins to storm.  God is good!

We take off down the road a get into the town of Lake Jackson (20 minutes away from the beach house) and I say to my darling husband; “are my skirts in the back?”

Now you have to understand…all mothers must do this endless list of questions whenever they are on their way to anywhere…right?

They go like this…

“did we get …?” “did you remember …?” “how about the…?” “wait did we pack…?”

Sound familiar? I have no idea what made me asked about those skirts…but I did and here’s how it went down…

Hubby: What skirts?

Now remember when I said to remember something earlier in this post?

Me: My skirts that I bought in Galveston! (voice sounding shrill)

Hubby: I didn’t see them.

Me: But…they were in the back of the car.  Didn’t you see them when you packed all of our stuff?

This was the car when we left for the beach…minus a few things, it didn’t get much better on the way back.

In fact…

This was where Rover rode for five hours on the way to the beach…

but before you feel sorry for him… poor Jake, my son only had the space right behind the passenger seat, about a 2″ seat and his knees hitting the seat in front.  Kind of like flying 🙂 except this was no class seating.

And Rover has really bad breath!

On the way back there was just enough room in the very back (believe it or not) for Rover’s bed, about a 3 x 4 area.  You see…on the way to the beach…hubby was still working so mom, kids and dog set out alone.  The hubby flew down to Houston on Thursday and I went to pick him up…so we had fewer items in back but one extra person.

So what about my skirts?

Where was I…oh yes…I had said the skirts were in the back.

Hubby: Where?

Me: In that blue plastic bag!

Hubby: I didn’t see a blue plastic bag!

Me: But you put it back there when we where done shopping before dinner in Galveston!

Hubby: ??? Jake did you see a bag with skirts in it?

Jake: No

Me:What do you mean they are not back there…where are they?

Jake: Was it the bag blue and had some paper sticking out of it?

Me: Yes…why?

Jake: I threw it away when we took the trash to the dump!

Me: WHAT!!!!

Hubby: Sorry…we didn’t know.  You want me to turn around?

Me: Why?

Hubby: To go look for your skirts…they are probably still there.

Me: (pouting and crying) Fine…but they won’t be there.

Jake: Mom…I’m sorry.

Me: It’s okay.

All the way back the rain came down harder, the wind was gusting, I was pouting and feeling sorry for myself…blah, blah, blah.

Can you imagine the deafening silence in that car for twenty minutes as we drove back, past the beach house and to the two dumpsters share by hundreds of people vacationing that week, passers by cleaning out their cars, fishermen cleaning their fish….eeeeewwwwww.

There they were… the dumpsters packed to the top…overflowing with garbage and my two guys thought they were going to find my skirts?

We pulled in this small parking area…Jim (hubby) and Jake jump out of the car.  The few minutes the doors were open literally took my breath away…the stench…Oh my gosh!

I watched Jake walk over to the dumpster and I thought to myself; “I’m really going to let my son climb into a dumpster full of garbage for what? Two pieces of cotton material? “

Here comes the guilt…more tears…and then…

he walk around to the side of it, looked over the edge and reached his hand in and…

pulled out the blue plastic shopping bag, still tied up and still containing two skirts…

that smelled like FISH guts!  UGH!

We removed the skirts and place them in another bag, placed it in the very back of the car and drove home!


I said… Jake I’m so sorry I acted like a baby.  Jake said; “it’s okay Mom”

as we drove back toward the beach house on our way back to Lake Jackson, there sitting in a parking lot…

was the garbage truck!

(Que action hero music)

“Jake” The Deep Sea Dumpster Diver

and Mom’s Hero!

the infamous “Hubby”

What would you do for $62.00?

Would you have gone back?

Isn’t my hubby the sweetest?

4 thoughts on “Deep Sea Dumpster Diving…

  1. This is hysterical… And exactly what I would have done!! I hate to admit that in 4th grade I did this for… My retainer. Yeah the one that goes in my mouth. Double gross, I found it and put it back in. I did wash it…

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