Dark Skies Over Dallas

Wow…I’ve lived in the Dallas area most of my life and have only seen two tornado’s come this close. It was surreal to watch this live from my living room last night as this was taking place about 26 miles south of where I live. In fact in the late 70’s I lived only a short distance from where this big boy touched down and worked in an office building at Stemmons and Mockingbird which is exactly the path this twister took last night.


We have family and friends who live in various states and anytime they hear that Dallas/Ft.Worth is having bad weather, we get a phone call making sure we are safe. Today the sun is shinning, the waters are receding and yes, we are safe.
Our lake did rise and flood the road causing it to be closed for a period of time yesterday, but all is well today.

4 thoughts on “Dark Skies Over Dallas

  1. So glad you're safe – September/Autumn storms are always a bit scary here in Texas, it seems like it's all or nothing!

  2. I just heard about this on the Christian radio station today…wow…that would definitely be scary. Glad you are safe…praying for those affected!

  3. We watched that on the TV and thought of everyone we knew east and north of us, said a prayer!We had one come right through our neighborhood, just blocks away, a couple of years ago, and then there was the downtown Fort Worth one a year or two before that … That's as close as I ever want to come.Glad you're ok!

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