What’s for Dinner? Rustique Tuscan Chicken Soup

Yesterday we woke to clouds and rain, rolling thunder and more rain…thanks to a hurricane sweeping up from the gulf, the temperature never got out of the 80’s!  Yes! Yes! Yes! Fall just might finally be here.

In honor of our wonderful soggy weather we began our soup du jour season…

I do love to share!

{Rustique Tuscan Chicken Soup}
original recipe by Cindi @ Rustique Art

Quick and easy for any impromptu gathering.  Perfect for light lunch with fresh green salad and hearty enough for dinner served with warm cornbread muffins…

Rustique Tuscan Chicken Soup

2 – cans of Campbell’s Healthy Choice “Homestyle” Chicken Noodle Soup
1 – can of Original Rotel Tomatoes w. Green Chilies
1 – 12.5oz. can of Valley Fresh 100% Natural White Chicken (do not drain)
1/4 tsp. cumin
1/2 tsp. basil
chopped green onion

Empty contents of cans, including the liquid from can of chicken,  into a 2 quart pan.   Add seasoning (no salt is needed) and heat to desired temperature.  Ladle into soup bowl or mug and garnish with chopped green onion.  This will serve four people however if you need to serve more, begin with adding another can of chicken noodle soup.  If doubling the batch, you can double all of the ingredients.

Add ins and other garnishes:



shredded cheddar cheese (sprinkle on top)

slices of fresh avocado  (garnish)

I had some left over whole wheat pita bread that I brushed with garlic butter, topped with fresh spinach, fresh mozzarella & fresh Roma tomatoes…slide in the the oven to crisp bread and melt cheese…YUMMO!

Do your recipes change with the seasons?

What is your favorite cold weather meal?

Bon appetit!

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