Falling in Love with Fall Colors

Can you  feel it?  I can!

the weather is making it’s way toward cooler days

the slant of the sun is different

football games are scheduled and pre games have begun,

students are getting back to school,

seasonal decorations out in the stores…lol, ALREADY!

albeit subtle….the fall season is coming and I am so excited!

A new season means new designs for lil ole me…it means pulling out my paint cans, wire, pliers and beads.  Sitting down and creating my a new collection of Christian home decor in the form of wall crosses, jewelry and gifts for men and women.   I am so excited and I’m chomping at the bit to get started.

Of course the foundation of all my designs is God, the cornerstone is Jesus and the storyline is the Cross and it’s meaning.  But the theme always begins with Rustic because for me, rustic says “home + heart + family”, can’t tell you why but it does.  That’s probably why I named my company with the word “rustic” in it….the “que” allows my passion for junk antiques to thrive!

This season’s colors are breathtaking and are meant to conjure up memories of home, comfort and traditions.  There are 24 colors selected by Sherwin Williams chosen by their color experts you can read about that here , but I can give you the skinny…they are grouped into 4 palettes  Rooted, Treasured, Simplified and Refreshed.

Want to take a stab at what group I loved?  Rooted of course…but Treasured was a really close second.


Colors 10
SW 7083
Colors 9
Rookwood Amber
SW 2817
Colors 8
SW 7514
Colors 7
SW 6496
Colors 6
Nomadic Desert
SW 6107
Interior Colors 5
Red Tomato
SW 6607


Colors 16
Smoky Blue
SW 7604
Colors 15
Interactive Cream
SW 6113
Colors 14
Sturdy Brown
SW 6097
Colors 13
Gallery Green
SW 0015
Colors 12
SW 6394
Colors 11
Caribbean Coral
SW 2854


Colors 22
SW 6963
Colors 21
SW 6725
Colors 20
Verve Violet
SW 6979
Interior Colors 19
Fun Yellow
SW 6908
Interior Colors 18
Summer Day
SW 6662
Interior Colors 17
Animated Coral
SW 6878


Colors 28
Serious Gray
SW 6256
Colors 27
SW 6018
Colors 26
Moderate White
SW 6140
Colors 25
Magnetic Gray
SW 7058
Colors 24
Butter Up
SW 6681
Interior Colors 23
SW 7103

Which one is your favorite?

I’ve never been shy when admitting that I get many of my ideas from nature and photographs from magazines like Country Living (my all time favorite), Southern Living and now I have a new fave; Flea Market Style…but now I’ve taken a liking to paint swatches…lets face it, I love color. My beads are to my wall crosses as oils are to an artist’s canvas…or so I believe.

But what is your opinion?

Shabby Cottage Wall Cross by Rustique ArtI think this is a pretty close combination of the  Rooted and Treasured palettes

A blend of warm rustic caramel and rustic blues…don’t ya think?

Rustic Cross Earrings

For sure these are lining up with the Treasured color palette.

Fleur de lis Wall CrossI’m thinking Treasured and Refreshed…wouldn’t you agree?

I believe that there is a wall cross for every decor and now with so many beautiful beads to pick from, the possibilities are endless.

Now all I need to do is clean off my work table, organize my area and begin pulling those color palettes together.

Rustique Art Studio Mess*i’m so embarrassed*

and this is after I’ve straighten up a bit…

I showed this picture to hold me accountable for my messiness

but really…

can you work with complete organization?  I can’t…I put it all away and then can’t find anything.

Oh well, maybe I’m hopelessly unorganized but for now I can live with that.

Now after looking at all of those wonderful color palettes I really want to get moving on some projects, like finishing my kids entertainment room, adding some fluff and accessories to my bedroom and then totally redoing the den.  (do not mention that last part to my husband)

What if any are your fall projects?  Do any of them involve painting?

What is your favorite fall activity with your family?



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