My Mistake Leads to New Design

When life gives you lemons….make lemonade

But when you mess up your wire order and receive 12 rolls of the wrong gauge,

what is a person to do?

Well of course I immediately ordered the right gauge of wire…

Then I listed my mistake on Etsy under the supply category, surely someone else might need some 24 gauge rusted wire especially since the fall craft fair season is quickly approaching.

But then it occurred to me…

Why not make something!

I used to make some really cute earrings with the thinner gauge wire and some rusted wire would make some really awesome earrings to wear this fall with sweaters and blue jeans.

Grabbing my trusty pliers and snips I sat about the task of making some wire cross earrings.

measure…snip… bend… twist…blood…sweat…tears…

then I added a couple of sweet little faceted glass beads

found some wonderful copper wire…and


I love them…the first pair went into my jewelry box and the second pair were listed in my Etsy shop.   I also use that size of wire for other fun designs…

but really…12 rolls?

That’s a lot of earrings!


2 thoughts on “My Mistake Leads to New Design

  1. I think those will sell really fast and you will be ordering more of that wire in no time. And they will send you the wrong size (again) and you will make something cool, and then you will order more wire …… 😉


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