Hot Enough To Fry An Egg?

NO!  Not yet…but it feels like it.
but it’s so hot
You can’t walk barefoot on the concrete.
Although dogs do…why?
But I wanted to test my curiosity so this afternoon, about 4pm…it’s pretty darn hot that time of day. In fact right now it is 101 and with the humidity index it feels like 106.  

I grabbed my camera and an egg…
Went out to the driveway that has been in the hot sun all day.
It’s hot because my feet are burning (forgot to slip on my flips)
Cracked the egg…
Went inside to fetch my clean up helper
Came back out five minutes later…

My assistant Rover is pointing to my experiment & laughing at me.
If he could talk he would be saying “FAIL”!!!!
Time for clean up…
Isn’t he so handy to have around?
Guess it was hot enough to burn his tongue though 😦

But we got it handled…
This could be why my pool level is always so low!
How hot is it in your neck of the woods?

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