A Goliath Veggie Tale

It all happen one night last week.
The plan was this…
I start dinner and hubby goes to the store for some extra items
The list was short…
Avocados, shredded lettuce, some fresh homemade flour tortillas and…
one “firmtomato.
Easy enough…
Any man could handle that, right?
but then…you’d have to know my husband!
Meet Goliath!
I was shocked at the size of this tomato.
Curiosity set in and I ran for kitchen scale…
You’ll never guess how much it weighed.
I didn’t believe it myself…
1.3 pounds!!!
I’m totally serious.
I had to ask…
How much per pound?
You are looking at a $3.00 tomato!!!
Well really $2.87 but this is a tale about big…right? đŸ™‚


One thought on “A Goliath Veggie Tale

  1. I guess you definitely had enough! However, that's pretty expensive for one tomato! We have large tomatoes here in the summer…I believe the variety is called Steak Tomatoes? I'm not sure…they are delicious though. I like to get stuff from road side veggie stands, as it's far less expensive than the store.I picked up some zucchini for only $.50 each…they're $.99+ a lb in the store.Hope you enjoyed dinner!

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