Nifty Thrify {No Sew Curtains} Tutorial

Yes…I can sew. But why sew if I don’t have to?
Plus I just needed a quick fix for some privacy and to filter the bright ((hot)) morning sun.

I came up with an easy, inexpensive solution.
No it’s not original, nor are they permanent and you might even wonder why I even bothered when I have some much more to tackle in this room we are renovating.

Here’s a little peek at what has been going on…

First we have the window that needs some tender loving care.

2″ wood blinds or some earthy matchstick shades are my preference but because we framed the windows back about 17 years ago and added plantation shutters (that have since fallen apart) we had also added a very thin piece of wood framing the inside, which by the way subtracts from the standard size of the windows.

so…that means

nothing that you can buy pre-made will fit any more so I get to buy custom blinds…yay!

I found some that I like for $120 includes shipping but that is still out of my budget right now.

We still have much to do that is more needed than blinds….like possibly replacing some windows, base boards and crown molding (you’ll notice what a horrible speller I am when you see how I misspelled molding over and over again)

So the idea of some type of sheer curtain came to mind, but we needed some privacy as you see these windows face the front of our home and if everyone who walks or drives by likes to look at the inside of  home as much as I do *blush* then…that means we needed something less shear but light and breezy.  I’m kind of digging that rustic, shabby beach look these days.  Oh heck I’ll just come out and tell you that I am a closet Pottery Barn freak.  I drool over their catalogs but know that I can’t afford their products.

But if I could…oh man I would!

You can see at this point we still had much to do, beginning with framing the windows.  No problem we just hauled our butts to Home Depot and found what we wanted, drug in the compressor with nail gun attachment and slapped it up in no time.   Now it’s just the cosmetic touches and some Windex.  Those darn dogs and their snotty noses….geesh!

I have heard that sheets make quick and easy curtains, but I didn’t want to just push the curtain rod through the finished hem of a bed sheet and have that scrunched look…not for this room anyway.

So I began to dream…I love to dream, especially when trying to solve a decorating issue with little or no cash.


I already knew what look I was going for now I just had to create it.

Relaxed yet rustic, but not frilly.

and I knew I wanted either white or beige muslin type material…burlap crossed my mind…and it may resurface in the near future, but for now I went with white twin sheets.

ahhh…there’s one of the tables I need to paint…still trying to decide between two finishes, you can read about my flea market tables here.

feel free to share your opinion…please!

Walmart is fast becoming my favorite place to find something quick and cheap.  I bought two standard sized twin sheets and one package of bronzed iron colored, clamp style curtain rings….simple and understated.

sheets $6/ea

clamps $2.47 for a package of 14


the sheets came in the cutest little bag…whatever shall I do with them?  hummm…

The curtain rod was already in place from a previous window treatment so I measured my height from floor to rod and it came to 88″.  the sheet panels are 96″ so I folded the tops of the sheets over 8″.  i wasn’t concerned about the wrinkles or the fact that when I folded the top over that some of the wrong side showing, the thread is white so unless you are up on a ladder and looking right at the seams no one will notice.

I divided the 66″ width by 7 ( 14 rings + 2 sheets= 7 rings per sheet)

I attached the rings at about 9+ inches apart and slipped them onto the curtain rod.

then I fluffed and fixed

(yeah I know I can’t spell molding right)

decided to decorate my wall with Picnik artwork, wish it were that easy.

and here’s the finished effect.

I achieved the look I was going for and it will do quite well for now.

it’s light…breezy…opaque…beachy rustic…CHEAP!

I know they are not perfect, I know they are a little wonky at the bottom but it’s most likely a couple of comfy chairs will be in front of each panel so who will know?

by the way, I did go outside and they look fine from the front of the house,  they just look like the lined curtains.

and why is this here you might be wondering?

because it’s in my way…I don’t want it anymore and I’m selling it.  and when I do…I can get my blinds. sweet!

If you think these curtains are clever, have a look at these!

What type of window treatments do you prefer?

blinds, shades, curtains?

What no sew solutions have you used in the past to decorate your home?

Did you decide on how I should finish those tables yet?

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13 thoughts on “Nifty Thrify {No Sew Curtains} Tutorial

  1. You gave me a great idea for curtains or closet cover (my doors would never open so we took them off). I think I’ll get sheets with ruffles or some type of edge and hang them upside down and backwards, lol.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Your table and chairs are adorable.

    1. Autumn…you mean “moulding” is correct for “crown molding”? awesome, I’m not as dumb as I thought. maybe it’s one of those words when either way is correct. 🙂

  2. Ohhh very pretty! Love the breezy look, but the no sew even more.

    That red table and chairs is SWEET! I see it all rusted up and set in the garden somewhere. How cute… bad! Stop. Self, you cannot have. *sob*


    1. So Donna…you think that I should set it outside and let it get all chippy and rusty in the garden? That’s it! Your brilliant! Probably why I don’t love it right now. So here’s the plan…if it doesn’t sell…when the listing expires…it goes outside! Done. Maybe I don’t really need those blinds after all. 😉

  3. I also haved used sheets as curtains, and have made duvet covers for my childrens beds as well with sheets. Can’t beat 6.00 duvet cover. Twin sheet is also perfect for a shower curtain cause it hangs from floor to ceiling

  4. Absolutely marvelous! You just saved our hard working husbands a bundle! Being a stay at home mom I’m always redecorating and trying to make things work. Thank you sooo much for insperation!

  5. I just did this because of looking at your blog! (The Penny Pinching Party) Thanks so much! It turned out very well! My daughter didn’t believe it was just sheets!

    1. Sondra…that is wonderful! So glad this little post has inspired you and others. Just visited your blog…congrats on that new grand baby! You and I have much in common.
      Thanks for stopping by!

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