Beach Side Vaca Inspires Creative Ideas: Shabby Cottage Wall Crosses

I’m going to the beach!

I honor of my down time and get myself in the beach mode I think I’ll share with you some of my favorite beach decor.  I’ve always dreamed of having several houses with different decors.  I love the whitewashed look that lends itself to breezy warm days of summer on the shore. You know a small beach cottage.   Whites, tans and cool blues…lovely!



I would also enjoy a log cabin in the mountains with quilts, large bulky log furniture and with a collection of anything with a moose on it.  oh… and lots of flannel and a huge rock fireplace that you can actually cook with.

Doesn’t this look cozy?  Why would you want to leave your bedroom at all?


But right now it’s summer and off to the beach I go with two teens, one really old dog and my sweet hubby.

{17yo & 15yo}

We are hooking up with our oldest daughter and our fabulous son in law and their four children, which by the way are four of our nine grandchildren.

{Einstein, Cloth Diaper Blog Queen & my four monkeys}

So needless to say, I plan on a lot of fun in the sun and plenty of photo opportunities.  But mostly I will enjoy the down time.  Not worrying about blogs, making crosses, networking, listing cookie jars or cleaning house.  Joy!

But while surfing the net for beach front blogs a my creative juices began to churn and visions of distressed surfaces whitewashed, peeling paint with a tinge of rust, began dancing in my head.

This may be why I don’t sleep much, my brain rarely shuts down.  I’m constantly thinking of things to do with the new beads I just found on an old piece of jewelry or what color to paint the tables I found at the flea market or should I use muslin or burlap for the drapes in the room we are redoing or making a skirt out of jeans. (blog to follow soon)

So you see, I never shut down.  No wonder I’m looking forward to this Surf Side vacation with my beautiful family.

But you know what?  I’ve already planned out some great photos that I would like to capture and of course blog about, which by the way, I don’t know why I blog because I’m not very consistent in my blogging efforts, but maybe that will change….kind of like the tide….I ebb and flow.

***got side tracked***

In the past I’ve designed a few wall crosses with the distressed finish and those actually began a new line of shabby crosses that I named Cottage Style Crosses then later shortened the moniker to “Cottage Crosses”.  The new line took off and I’ve enjoyed making several custom designs for clients over the last year.  True to their name they would fit right in on a wall or table in a quaint cozy cottage.

{Shabby Pink Distressed}

{Shabby White Distressed}

Just recently I began to add a shell or two various cross designs creating a  beach inspired Cottage Wall Cross.

The last one looked like this…

{Shabby White Distressed}

I’ve also added shells to other recent designs and my clients were ecstatic with the random addition like on this steel cross…

{Fleur de Lis Steel Wall Cross}

I’ve even designed a few pieces of cross jewelry with shells…

{Cross Necklace & Earrings}

I suppose the beach will not only give me down time to read and play with my little monkeys, but it will also fill my head with visions of easy, breezy, sandy shores, blue skies, the smell of salt, and that wonderful sound of waves and of course I will want to use all of that inspiration in the next Cottage Wall Cross design.

Where are you going on your summer vacation?

Do you allow nature to inspire your creative thoughts?

I want to see and hear what inspires you?

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