Help De-Stress Me…What Should I Do? Distressed Black or White?

Canton Trade Days….Fabulous Flea Market!

Fun in the Sun and I always find something to bring home.  Two months ago was no different.  I found three pine tables for the “lizard lounge”  the room we are fixing up for our two teens to entertain in.  The look and feel, cozy, comfy, inviting and teen friendly.  Sort of Pottery Barn on a teeny tiny budget.

{kind of blurry I know…hard to take a picture in the garage and not show you just how messy it is…shameful}

There is a nice sized coffee table, a sofa table (that I plan on using as a desk behind the sofa that I don’t have yet) and one end table.

I figure I’ll get some use out of them and then let Riley use them in her first place someday *sniff*

We found some paint at Lowes in the oops section….took us three weeks going back and looking.  Finally found a gallon of flat paint, kinda of a khaki color…$5!  I can’t believe it.  That one gallon covered the whole room.

So now the tables.

I thought at first they would be painted black and distressed on the edges.

But then…

The more I think about it, maybe not.

Donna at Funky Junk Interiors did a table in her den in a shabby distressed white, you can see that redo here.  So maybe that look would be nice too.

Going to find some light and airy curtains this week to flank the windows…gauzy type material.  Then we need a ceiling fan.  Then we need to trim out the windows, floor board and crown molding.  Then flooring. Then…oh my I dizzy!

Back to the tables…what should I do?

3 thoughts on “Help De-Stress Me…What Should I Do? Distressed Black or White?

  1. I would paint one purple, one electric yellow and one lime green.Oh, that's not the question you asked? Well, then, paint them black and really stress them!Betty

  2. I think that since teen's will be entertaining, black would be my color of choice. Lovely ideas!

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