How the Economy Has Blessed our Family

What else can you do but count your blessings when life seems to be throwing you nothing but lemons. 
Thank goodness I love fresh squeezed lemonade!
About a year ago it wasn’t strange to see the Albright family at the movies, watching the newest release with arms loaded down with popcorn, cokes and Milk Duds, and that was just for Jim and I.
Night at the movies for four people soon became a memory.  At $60 for one night, even if it as just one time a month, when added to other activities, we began to feel a strain.  So we opted for movie rentals and still continued to enjoy our weekly pizza dinner after church service every Saturday night.
We love our weekly pizza tradition and  it was just nice not to cook once a week.  But pretty soon we again began to feel as if we needed to make some changes.  So, as with every Saturday night after church, one teen would ask; “are we getting pizza?” 
On the way to our usual pizza place, we explained to our children that we felt the need to make some changes.  We proposed a compromise, call and order ahead, pick it up along with a couple of  liters of soda.  They thought that was a great idea a so a new tradition began.  We saved a lot and taught our kids about moderation, budgeting and compromise all in one night. 

Savings we saw with this change…

When we ate at our usual pizza place we usually spent about $45 including tip.  With the new plan….$30!  Savings per month now minus movie at the theater and eating out…$120, we still picked up a movie rental for about $5, so it was really closer to a $100 savings if we picked up a movie every week.


Again we knew more changes were at hand.  We no longer feel that eating out is something our family needs to do at this time.  So in order to preserve our family movie and pizza night, we have begun to make our own pizza and watch a movie on demand.  Our family of four can make two pizzas for under $20!  And get this…it tastes better than what we eat out.  Maybe it’s just knowing that we now spend only what we pay for a movie on television, because the pizza cost is factored into our grocery budget.  So we now save an average of $240 per month.  Are we suffering?  Not at all.  Have we gotten closer as a family?  Absolutely!
I haven’t even begun to address how the home made pizzas are better for us as we control what ingredients are used and we all pitch in making the family dinner and then sit down and watch our movie.
Friday nights are now our pizza and movie night…
at home!
How has the economy effected your lifestyle?
Have you found the blessings in your hardships?
Do you have any money saving tips to share?
What are your favorite pizza toppings?
What would you do with an extra $2900 a year? šŸ™‚

4 thoughts on “How the Economy Has Blessed our Family

  1. That's really great! On Sunday late afternoon/evening I make us a pot of hot tea and we eat a cold meal from the frig/pantry–crackers, cheese, olives, fruit, nuts, carrots, celery or whatever we have. I don't think it saves us any money, but we really enjoy it and it saves time and dish washing šŸ™‚

  2. Cindi,you are so sensible! I loved reading how you and your husband managed to keep up the family fun and even make it BETTER! And at the same time improving your bank account,health and peace of mind! Well done :o) You and Jim are setting a wonderful example for your children and making great family memories to boot!xox, Daffy

  3. That's wonderful Rustique!Honestly, the economy hasn't affected us at all, because we've lived frugally since married. We work for ministry and have never had "extra" to play with. We try to save and shop thift or yard sales. I think it's great that you have been drawn close as a family! So awesome!

  4. Although we haven't been affected by the economy in a bad way we have found one thing that saved us thousands of dollars….MOVED OUT OF THE CITY :)It's amazing how much money we've saved in the clothing, groceries, entertainment, dining and blow categories.

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