Some of the COLOR in my yard…and one STRANGE looking something!

too funny. the silver leaf maple tree has been cut down for two months. this huge log is just laying in my backyard. apparently it has other plans.
do not plant these trees close to your house. 
the magic of morning dew drops on “purple heart wandering jew”
lovely bloom from my “Dalina Midi Hawaii” Dahlia
sadly this is my last planting of Columbine brought back from an Indiana trip a few years back. I’m hoping it will reseed this year.
anyone know what this creature is?
when i placed it in the jar…eeeewwwh! it fell apart.  the fuzzy part is now detached from the hard shell part. it appears to be dead. to be safe i will secure a lid on the jar before i go to bed. 😉

2 thoughts on “Some of the COLOR in my yard…and one STRANGE looking something!

  1. Too funny…about the bug falling apart…no idea what it is!I love your dalia's! Beautiful!

  2. That's one bad bug- love your blog.The prettiest colors are black and white on that gorgeous dog in your post The Ruff Life. He has my heart!

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