For These Found Objects…I Am GRATE-ful

How do you decorate?

On a whim?  On a dime?


are you very structured and purposeful about your decor?  Planning and saving for months to get that next great item you saw in the store?

Either way there are times when you find some wonderful items that intrigue you. You know what I’m talking about,  they light a spark of  wanting inside you.

Some call it lust…I just call plain old fashion “gotta have it right now” yearning.  And trust me there have been many a sleepless night if I didn’t by the piece of junk treasure that I told myself  “I didn’t” need…only later to get home and…

you guessed it, see the PERFECT spot for it!  and then I fester until I go back and get it.  That is if it was even in the state of Texas that I saw this object that I now “have to have” because I found “THE SPOT” for it.

But what really stinks is when you go back and it’s GONE!!!!   NOOOOO!  Now someone else is loving my treasure. *boohoo*  The moral to this story is one you veteran junkers have heard many times before….


Thankfully, I’ve learned my lesson and life is great!  Speaking of GREAT…

I want to share some of the found objects that I didn’t pass up as they are truly “GRATE”

when found it was black. needed some spice. so red it became

you can find these just about anywhere and they look great hanging on the wall or sitting in a bookcase.

don’t really care how the back looks. wanted you to see that when the damper is open this piece sits up nicely.

not really a grate. but i love the look. framed iron work looks grate to me

found this on a clearance table. it is cracked somewhere but you don’t really notice. found this wicker table half price, it was white…now it’s not!  good coat of warm spice gold and this round grate fits perfect right on top. viola!!

one of my favorite and oldest grates. found behind some junk at a local antique store about 18 years ago. there was another one too. went back to get it… GONE 😦  still hurts.

okay. it’s not a grate. but…it’s still awesome. love me some rusted iron work.

i know. not a grate. but…are ya feel’n my vibe here? Trent made this and i snagged it out of his garage sale. think i had some help from miss Teresa (neighbor). okay. rusted metal. cut out. ironwork. i could live in a junk yard.

i have no idea. but it met all of the criteria to live with me. and somebody threw it away. so it was okay to take it. right?

if you know what it is…please do share 🙂

nope it’s not metal and it’s not rusted. but isn’t it fab? found this in a second hand store. was natural rattan color. spray painted it dark brown for a season. it was placed behind my daughters bed as a really tall head board. she had Caribbean blue walls at the time. really pretty effect. it was moved to the garage and now teen designer daughter is painting it black! Wow…it’s looking like iron. i love swirly, curly, scroll work. divine!

full length view. she’s going to put it in front of her closet opening. we have removed the double doors to her closet because they get in her way. her closet is in the middle of a redo. no finish date on that project yet.

When I began photographing for this post, I was amazed at how many ironwork elements I had.

So back to the questions at the beginning…how do you decorate?

Have you figured out that I decorate just the way I want to.

On a WHIM!

I want to see your GRATE finds.

Attending these link parties;

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9 thoughts on “For These Found Objects…I Am GRATE-ful

  1. I love found objects, I rarely know what I will do with them when I bring them home. My husband and oldest son used to tease me all the time, but they finally gave up!

  2. Ir is all grate! Our local dump has a store where you can find grate stuff like this all the time.My last score there was a cool old door with bottle glass…but I would love to find some grates! I love the look of them…pretty much anything old and iron will work for me. Saw ya linked up to Tickled Pink and wanted to say hey. I am a new follower and looking forward to grate things!
    504 Main

  3. Oh I LOVE old metal grates! They are so expensive here and that’s the only reason why my house isn’t littered with them. Have fun with those!

    Thanks for linking up to SNS!
    FJ Donna

  4. One Life Many Journeys asked; “Do you have code for party button?”

    Thank you for asking…and I’m such a rookie at the Link parties (and no coffee yet this morning) that I didn’t quite understand. I thought you meant the Linky code. But that’s not what you meant right? Your asking about the actual button from my blog…right? *scratching my head*

    So I guess if I used that linky code from Holly’s blog (504 Main) that means I’m hosting too? Somebody school me 🙂

  5. I love all of those. I have to say I am a combo, there are thing I collect that take time and effort to acquire but I am also a find it, change it and make it work person too. Found you through Tickled Pink!

  6. The Grate’s wonderful. My sister Robin found one and used it in avery clever way to cover her air return, She made a wood frame to fit it perfectly and now her ugly
    air return is covered. Brillant!

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