Sharing Some Fun & Favorites

“Join the celebration over at Funky Junk Interiors
Every party has
this one is no different!
Come join the fun

The sponsor of the first prize give a way is Tangerine Totes
you get to choose between two…
what to do..what to do..
this was my decision
if I won.
but if I don’t then I know where one can go to get more…
Christine of Tangerine has an Etsy store!
So with that done we must move on…
it’s been some time
since I’ve raved on my faves…
Let’s get moving…
join me for a cozy cup of coffee…

then how about some Antique shopping…
you know what they say…
if you like it
buy it.
too late for me
it’s sold 😦

by SoleticeHome

but these are still there…
love the rust,
love the city,
i think that i must have them!

by PaperInk Vintage

i want these in my garden…
they’re so zesty and bright.

how about some 
hand painted 
write in it or eat it….tough choice.

whew…i’m pooped!
shopping makes me sleepy
or maybe it’s the fact that it is very late.

Don’t forget to go over to Funky Junk Interiors and join in the fun…

time to close up…see ya later!

One thought on “Sharing Some Fun & Favorites

  1. What cute selections! Lovely tote…great knit cozy and so much more…Then I see a cute little baby picture…Celebrating Haley! Awe! What a doll! =)

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