Post Medley…three from me!


I bought a table that came with chairs. The chairs were uncomfortable so they went outside to my “don’t throw away I might paint it someday” section in my garage. My husband was thrilled. Last spring I pulled one out and painted it up in some strange color of paint that I rescued from the local hardware store. Someone goofed on color or decided that would not look good on the walls so on the sale self it goes and for a dollar…what the heck, I’ll paint something with it! I imagined a chair on my front porch with a huge pot of flowers sitting on it.

Now, I was in this phase where I thought a touch of black was good for any vignette and I had this really large terracotta planter…why not paint it black? So I did, eeehhhyeah…maybe not my best idea because of the calcium deposits in the water leave a lovely ring, but it was done so…moving forward I filled with dirt and planted. I’ve enjoyed my creative front porch “welcome” vignette through several seasons and have even used it as a prop or background in some pictures. But this spring I think has been my favorite as my plant choices changed. I’m in a dark foliage mood this spring so I chose some Impatiens with dark coral blooms, some purple sweet potato vine, a variegated ivy called “Mini Adam”, some lovely Aralia called “Galaxy”a dark waxy leaf tropical , a Corkscrew Rush (awesome texture and height) I don’t get a ton of sun on my front porch, only morning and once a certain tree begins its spring growth, I might not have much light at all so I wanted plants that would grow in part shade…I really love it! I think it says “WELCOME”

Following up…

Back in November I told you about a sewing project I was doing for my wonderful oldest DD. We had spent an afternoon together picking out fabric for a peasant skirt she wanted me to make for her. I did finish it and she wore it for Thanksgiving, but I just remembered that I never followed up with that….how rude of me.
So it went from this…

to this…

I was too!
Thank you mom for teaching me how to sew so I can make beautiful things for my family!

My Heroes Are…

Oh..and the superhero capes I wrote about in that same post…

awww…aren’t they adorable?
They are truly my heroes.

2 thoughts on “Post Medley…three from me!

  1. Love, love, love your arrangement! I think I need to be more creative – I always just stick one kind of flower in, simple but kind of boring! 🙂

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