Bead Gardening in Texas

Welcome to my bead garden…

You’ll never hear me say this again…so listen up,

I have some “UGLY” beads.

It’s not their fault that is just how they were made.    So in an effort to boost their self esteem and beautify my patio, I’m going to give them a make over….
I just knew they would have more fun in the garden then sitting in a box under my workbench…so let’s get them ready for their debut…shall we?

Step 1
Cruise on over to your gardening center and pick up a wire basket with a wire hanger.  The wire hangers come in several lengths…for this project I am using a 12″ wire hanger.  Some will come with three wires some will come with four.  Your project, your choice!

Step 2
These beads are called “African Basket Beads”…ya think maybe they go on baskets? humm…well they have very large holes (probably for the baskets!) so I began with threading my first bead over all four wires and the spreading the wires out for the remainder of this project.

Step 3
Slide various “UGLY” beads onto wire…you can do this however you like.   I did add some smaller beads, some pretty beads and some metal…do what you wish.   Be random, go crazy…be spontaneous!    Have fun with it.

Step 4
After you have all your beauties in line the way you want…leave about 2 inches of wire at the bottom for attaching to the basket.   To keep the beads from falling off…I suggest you bend the end like so.

Step 5
Stand it up…see if it looks even…any last minute changes?

(sorry about the lovely bucket in the background… ignore that and focus on “lazy dog” in the background) My next post will be on “what to do when taking pictures for your blog”  like check background for unsightly items 🙂
Step 6
Attach your wire hanger to your basket that you previously planted with beautiful summer flowers…like pink petunias, variegated sweet potato vine, day lilies and moss rose.   Cut off unsightly tag on hanger and “Viola” ugly beads are now “beautiful beads” ready for your patio or garden area.

One last look…

Okay…I’m off to find something else to bead.

Any suggestions?

This awesome project went to a link party!  Check some of the other great projects in attendance because your invited too!

Link party is hosted by Funky Junk Interiors

8 thoughts on “Bead Gardening in Texas

  1. I love your beaded basket!!!! I am so gonna try that!!! I found a sack full of ugly beads when I was cleaning out my garage last weekend – so PERFECT!!! I just thought of something, too – I have some beads that are for younger girls, could make a great hanging basket for a new baby arrival gift! The holes may not be big enough, but it’s an idea for “one of those days!”

    You are so creative! I can’t wait to get moved so I can come shadow you!!

  2. Ashley…our family is in the Dallas/Ft.Worth area, actually just north.
    This was a fun project…one that I have wanted to do for quite awhile…finally got around to it and now I want to make more.
    Kind of funny how we are connected…my mom lives in your neck of the woods! 🙂

  3. Hey this is cool! What a great idea! I am also a bead addict and love to add beads to anything and everything. I’m now thinking… hmm… what else can I add beads to outside in our backyard…

    1. Thank you Sandy, but if you look closely in one of the demo photos you can see a cluttered background, or rather I can. I’m okay with lazy dog, but not the glaring white bucket. I guess that is the geek in me, always looking beyond the photo subject 🙂 I would be one to show you where the wallpaper seams are too.

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