Deer X-ing Texas Route 16….Yikes!

Might want to slow down to let this one cross…
no…maybe you should pull over and marvel at this amazing piece of art!

Taking the word “recycled” to heart. This pair of artists have created a jaw dropping exhibit that sits just to the north of Kerrville on Rt. 16 at the entrance of the Lehmann family property known as the Dragon Springs Ranch. And although I’m usually flying up Rt.16 anticipating my shopping trip or lunch on a patio in Fredericksburg, I had to stop and take a picture of this. I mean who would believe me if I tried to describe it to anyone. It’s just something you have to see for yourself.


Scrappy has a story as he was created by Brett and Tammy Prang of Kadoka, S.D at the request of Gene Lehmann. I personally think Scrappy is adorable, but then I am really fond of animals, even those made of “scrap metal”. That’s shock I’m sure…since you probably didn’t know that I prefer something old and rusty over something shiny and new.

Here’s another one of their amazing scrap sculptures

Isn’t he adorable….well I think so. And I can bet you a rusty nickel that my daughter will think he is too…she has a thing for buffalo. 🙂

See what you can find when you travel the back roads of Texas? But wait…there’s more!
look at this…
{Iron Horse}

You’ll have to drive to Cheyenne, Wyoming to see this one…
but here’s a quick virtual trip to meet the artist Lyle Nichols and the story behind this design.
Speaking of behind…how would you like to have a license plate stuck to your butt?
Would that be called a “rumper sticker“?

2 thoughts on “Deer X-ing Texas Route 16….Yikes!

  1. OH my gosh!!! I love the buffalo! But, then you already knew I'd love it. I think you should totally move down here because everything is neater 😀

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