Everything’s Coming Up Daylilies…

I love Daylilies…they begin to peak through the soil every spring. You can almost imagine they’re yawning and stretching their beautiful green foliage up out of the ground…if we listen maybe they will say “hello spring…were back!”

Although I am not an avid gardener I do love to plant and nurture what I have. I continue to amaze myself every year when something in my flower bed survives the winter and comes back to greet me.

What I never realized that there were so many different varieties of daylilies. Who knew? But now that I do know, I’ve become intrigued and I want to know what my variety consists of and just how many different types to I have? I might be further amazed to know that I probably have more than one kind.

I snapped a picture of one in my mother-in-law’s flower bed on our last visit to Ohio. Just a random picture and I really didn’t expect much in the quality of my photography….again I surprised myself.

Daylilly_antsNow while I have no idea what this variety is called…it is lovely and check it out…I even got the ants in the picture.

So that is my goal this season…find out what varieties I have and keep them alive!

Another wonderful thing about these awesome perennials it that you can divide them and then they multiply. I have gotten some from neighbors and I would like to find other friends who grow daylilies…maybe we can trade!

What’s in your garden?

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