Beaded Wall Crosses – Designed to Become a Family Heirloom

In the summer of 2007 I received an email from a perspective client. She wanted to know if I could create a special cross for her new grandson. Below are a few excerpts of her expectations and needs. Unfortunately, somewhere along the way, my responses to her where deleted. But I can tell you that I still have the photo she emailed to me with the bedding that was to be used in the baby’s nursery. Together we worked through email and some verbal communication. It begins like this…..

Hi: I love your wall crosses and would love to have you custom make one for my yet-to-be-born grandson. I would like one that could be placed above the light switch in his bedroom If you are interested and have the time could you please e-mail me…

(me) I did email and she sent a picture of the colors via email, it was actually a link to the site the layette was bought from. I love technology!!! I agreed to take the order and began work on the design. She was specific about her colors and I like that. The colors were to be Copenhagen Blue, Light Blue, Barn Red, Cream.

Hi Cindi: I love the cross. I think the colors are perfect and will grow with him. It will also be nice for him as he grows to be able to take it down and hold it. The mom to be had mentioned that she wanted his name on it like the example on the web site, but my thinking is that it would make it harder to see the beauty of the cross. What do you think? Again, it is really lovely.

(me) I thought adding a name was a great idea and I already had some suggestions ready for her. I though leather would be more masculine and I also made it detachable in case he out grew the idea of having his name on the cross. That way the cross could still be used as he reached his teen years.

Hi Cindi: I hate to do this to you, but since the baby was born just last week and has a name, she would really like his name on it. We certainly do not mind the delay at all and I can understand completely how it is to work out of your home. We have a family business and i think it’s pretty much the same. His name is Thomas. Thank you so much.

(me) Not a problem at all. All I need to know was do you want sterling or gold plated letters. She wanted Sterling Silver alpha beads with the name “Thomas”. I suggested the cubes be braided onto a tan leather rope.

Hi Cindi: Thank you so much for adding his name to the cross. It looks absolutely wonderful.

(me) My pleasure!

HI Cindi: Guess what? It just arrived and we love it!! I won’t give it to Tommy until the baptism next
month, but can hardly wait it’s so perfect. Thank you so very much for the wonderful cross. We will think of the wonderful, talented woman who made it each time we look at it.


Happy Client in Winnetka, Illinois

Wall Cross - Nursery with a Nautical Flair
Wall Cross - Nursery with a Nautical Flair

This is why I love what I do.  A blank canvas, a vision, teamwork, the design and the creation that will become a family heirloom. Can you imagine someday when Thomas becomes a father, he can place the very same wall cross his grandmother had made just for him in his baby’s room.

A few weeks later I received this email…

Hi Cindi:  I’m back!  My mom heard about the cross you made for our Tommy and would like to get one for her sisters.

Wow!!!!  Is there any better compliment than to have a client return for another custom wall cross order?

Contact me and together we will begin designing your next family heirloom.


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