What’s On Your Plate Today?

Here’s a sampling of mine…

#1 Work for wonderful son in law…building a list. Hummm…never been much of a list maker. Probably would have paid off though. This would be a great time for my brain cells to kick in a develop a program that would import search criteria results into specified fields created on an existing spreadsheet. Easy right? I’ll let you know. Just when I really begin to enjoy writing little snippets and thoughts, articles and blog comments…I get the list building chore. Oh well, gives me time to meditate on today’s scripture and devotional.

#2 What’s for dinner? Oh that’s easy today, Riley wants sausage, biscuits and gravy. Super simple supper! Guess a fruit salad would be a great addition too.

#3 Some Super Hero Capes are in the works for my adorable grand kids. Who doesn’t love super heroes and who doesn’t love working with fleece. So soft and this project is easy-peasy-pudd’n-pie!

#4 Cut out fabric to make Autumn’s skirt. I have my daughter fooled….yeah, she thinks that I am a “fabulous” seamstress. I love her…she always boosts my ego. Truth be told…I’m an average seamstress that loves her daughter so much that I would do anything for her. Well for that matter, I would do anything for my children. But Chris, Lucas, Riley and Jake don’t ask me to sew many clothing items for them. I’m a little nervous though…the first cut is the hardest. We spent over an hour picking out her material. That was so much fun and the kiddos were with us. They were amazing and of course Autumn and I beamed with pride when the cute little elderly ladies commented on how good they were. And they were… I am so proud of how Autumn and Michael have taught their children to be respectful and polite. Same with my other grandchildren, all of them a respectful and polite. My grandma crown is adorned with sparkling rubies!

Here’s what we picked out…and let me just say, they we both could have spent another hour or two picking out more. I love fabric!

and here’s what Haven does when he does get tired of shopping…

he just finds some friends and has a chat with them!

That’s probably enough for my plate today. We will see how much gets accomplished.

I’m off to build a list!

One thought on “What’s On Your Plate Today?

  1. Mom, you are the best at all you do. I can't wait to see the finished skirt. I *really* wanted to scream "yes, mail it to me" but I resisted so as not to put you out anymore than you already were…i mean since I did twist your arm to make it for me đŸ˜› Can't wait to spend time with you next week. I love you tons.

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