Flea Market Treasures & True Confessions of a Beadaholic

Last Sunday we piled the kids in the car and headed to East Texas. We were off to spend the day at what is known in these parts as “First Monday.” Canton, Texas is home to one of the largest flea markets in the United States, or so I’ve been told. But then again, isn’t everything bigger in Texas?

We try to get to Canton at least 4 times a year. If time allows we will go more often. This wonderland of junk, rustic treasures, antiques, books, plants and various handcrafted items, takes place every month the weekend preceding the first Monday of the new month. Only an hour away from our home, we consider this a treat. Well Jim and I do anyway. It’s a chance to get away from responsibilities, computers and cell phones. We allow Riley and Jake to take their phones but only so they can call us and find out where we are. You see, Jim and I love to meander….at every booth. We also prefer the junkier areas. They prefer the Atriums, that is where all of the vendors with handmade or retailed items are found. (((rookies)))

We let them take off and spend their money as we stroll through beautiful pine treed paths. We visit with the vendors and here about their adventures of the weekend and ask how they fared this time around. We pet all of the dogs at each booth….and the dogs that people bring with them to shop. And we hunt for odd treasures that most people won’t look at. But then again Jim and I are odd, so it seems fit that our home would reflect our personalities.

Of course there are food vendors there too. And yes we seem always find our way to the food every time we go. Where else can you find roasted corn on the cob, turkey legs and funnel cakes. Jim always buys a bag of kettle corn and we usually have some ice cold, fresh squeezed lemonade.

But the best part of the whole day is finding something you love. For me that would be old jewelry that I can dismantle and use on a wall cross. My quality statement for Rustique Art is very specific about the materials used in my designs. Therefore, I’ve been known to sit and pick a spell at a booth with boxes of old junkie jewelry mounded high up on the tables. Jim usually wanders down and around….and around again. He’s a patient man and he indulges my lust for beads. What a man! He is a rare find indeed.

Market Day Treasures
Market Day Treasures

The second best part of the day is getting home and pulling all of your precious pretties out and looking at them again. Because I had traveled to Kerrville this last week, yesterday was heaven as I pulled my market finds out and began to disassemble my treasures. I love separating and sorting and dreaming up new designs.

Cleaned, Sorted & Ready for a Cross
Cleaned, Sorted & Ready for a Cross
Aren’t they lovely? I could play all day.

I will use these beads on a wire wall cross or a steel wall cross. Not sure what size or what style but you can be sure that it will be amazing. I always wonder who wore the jewelry and what their life was like.

Hi, my name is Cindi and I am a beadaholic….confessions of a bead freak; “I bite the beads to make sure they are not plastic”, my mother would faint…she would say; “that’s not what your teeth were made for” or “do you know where those beads have been?” πŸ™‚ another confession; “sometimes I won’t use a particular bead because I don’t want to let it go” ((blush)) another one; “I sometimes salivate abundantly while looking at beads” ((ashamed)) no wonder lust is one of the seven deadly sins…I must look like an idiot when I’m browsing….at least I’ve not ever ((yet)) pushed anyone out of my way or grabbed something out of someone’s hand. Justified!

Down the path a little further I found some buttons…another weakness of mine. But I showed restraint and only bought four. And then I found some crusty, rusty tools. I don’t why….but I wanted some. So I poked, dug and finally found some I want to take home with me.

Buttons & Rusty Tools...Odd but True
Buttons & Rusty Tools...Odd but True

Any guesses as to what I’m going to do with them? I’ll let ya know.

That about wraps it up…wait, we did buy an old tricycle. Who knows it might look good on top of an armoire! If you like flea markets and would like to visit Canton for First Monday Trade Days, the next one will open the weekend of December 4th. The vendors usually begin to set up on the Thursday before and I here you get some good shopping done on Friday before all the weekend shoppers get there. Maybe I’ll see ya there…I’ll be the one biting the beads.


2 thoughts on “Flea Market Treasures & True Confessions of a Beadaholic

  1. I want to go to Canton! Maybe in the spring Michael will let me go with you…he’s not so into it πŸ˜› Him and Jim could play golf! Of course Jim may prefer Canton.

    Will you let me touch your beads, you bead-aholic you.

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