This is Personal….It’s All About Me!

Well here it is, almost the end of October. Can you believe it? What’s new in this blog and what does the future hold?

Here’s the scoop….this blog site has now become my personal domain for me….not Rustique Art, not anything business related. But it will still have the name because I’m just too lazy to shut this one down and start a new one. Therefore, it will reflect the personal side of Rustique Art which is me.

Just fun and personal. My time, my thoughts, my reflections. As a mommy of teens, adults and dogs, grandma of 8 and one more blessing coming in January, sweet loving wife, *my opinion of course* I need a place to call my own.

I have created another site for my Rustique Art business blogging and will be using that one to promote my designs, crosses, Christian artists, Etsy team members and various other business related topics.

This spot is like my favorite pair of worn out blue jeans. Soft, cozy and comfortable. A safe harbor. A journey through my thoughts. I suppose there will be a few train wrecks along the way, but most of the time my thoughts and reflections are quite sane for now.

I can’t guarantee that my soap box won’t get pulled out and stood upon. After all isn’t that what a blog is for? To get things off of your chest?

How about bragging about your children? And grand babies? Oh, yes…this is definitely the venue for that.

Praising my wonderful man….he is wonderful. I will most definitely give him some blog time…only the positives though. If there are negatives, I give those to God in my prayers…dirty laundry just doesn’t look good in a blog.

I would like my place and time spent, encouraging others through thoughtful prose. Sharing fun stories, laughs, recipes, giggles and of course cute pictures.

Yep, this is a great place for staying connected to those I love and those that I don’t get to see so much anymore. Mom lives out of state, sis lives out of state, extended family live out of state. Friends move away, daughter moved away. *sniff*

So in the words of Stevie Wonder….”I just blogged to say I love you…” *ha…I’m so funny*


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