Click, Crop, Fill’r Up!

Finally uploaded all of my wall cross and other Rustique Art pictures onto my flickr page.

It only took me….hmmm 4 hours!!!! That was just uploading, tagging and sorting into sets. Which by the way is so amazing.

Love it….it’s like organizing your underwear drawer. πŸ™‚

I just want to keep going back and looking at it….open, close, open, close.

You can take a tour anytime you like. You might recognize some really old designs, some of them I had forgotten about. Like the TeaChimes.

I might even sleep better tonight knowing that all my pictures won’t be lost if my computer ever crashes. (bite my tongue)

So my trip down memory lane was fun but now I feel the creative bug nudging me toward my studio. I went in and turned the lights on….saw my work table….turned around and walked out.

Talk about a big elephant in the middle of the room! I know, one bite at a time.

I was feeling faint….I had to sit down and write about it.

Maybe that will motivate me to organize my work zone. Ugh!!! I think that’s why I love working on my website, etsy and blogs. Oh, did I mention that I have a wordpress blog now two. It is very organized and pretty.

Why does Rustique Art need two blogs?

Why not….it’s fun to write and everyone needs more great things to read online! Right? Add to that, Muggsey & Mae my Etsy shop with vintage dishes, cookie jars and tons of other junk not yet listed….it has a blog now too. And I’m thinking about another one….I said thinking.

But of course all of this just keeps delaying the obvious….cleaning my studio.

And then….I really need to finish some crochet projects. I don’t have a blog for that yet! Need to get that going….It will be about just simple crafts and projects.

I know….it’s time to go.

I’ve put it off long enough. Unless….

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