Seasonal Changes

Pumkin transparentBelieve it or not the holidays are upon us.  With only one week to go before we slide into October we are doing the happy dance.   I’m not one to wonder where this year as gone to.  It is perfectly clear to me that this body of mine has no concept of time.  The only clock that seems to be ticking is the one that as alarms set for fall, football, thanksgiving, Christmas, family gatherings and spring.  This October is going to be filled with a trip to Medieval Times for a birthday celebration.  Our daughter is turning 17!  A trip to Canton for a day a the flea market.  Several soccer games, fundraisers, our son’s first orchestra concert as a freshman, a trip to Kerrville, or as commonly known in these parts; “the hill country“. Phoenix and let us not forget the pumpkin patch.

Which brings me to my reason for this post.  Change of season doesn’t always mean the time of year of the weather.  Our routines go through a change of seasons thankfully.  For if not, we would be a rather dull culture.

Some prefer to take drastic measures as the seasons change.   What used to only be a preformed in the Spring, cleaning out closets has become a Fall ritual too.  Does that lead me to believe that people have too much junk in their lives or they have issues with letting things go?  Yes!   I would know since that is a picture of me.

But the biggest change is that I have started another blog here on WordPress.  I will still have my other blog on blogger.  That’s like my favorite pair of jeans.  Broke in and comfy.   I came here to kick myself into discipline and launch another blog for Muggsey & Mae.   Are you seeing the connection yet?  Cleaning out…Muggsey & Mae…my Etsy Vintage shop.  I’m digging out, washing up, taking pics, cropping and listing all of our cookie jars.  What an undertaking!  So glad I only have 50!  I might get them all listed by 2010.

So that is my project this season and with a little less sleep, I might get it all done.

Happy Fall Ya’ll!

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