Make-It Monday….

What to do, what to do…haven’t posted in awhile. Thought I would share some thoughts, ideas and suggestions.

First…did you know? There are 115 days until Christmas…that means, for people like me who have vowed to make all presents this year, need to get moving!!!!

Second…do you know how much this is? 500,000,000,000

and what do you think that outrageous number represents? Grocery bags!!!!!!

…According to The Wall Street Journal, the U.S. goes through 100 billion plastic shopping bags annually. An estimated 12 million barrels of oil is required to make that many plastic bags.

This is just one of the facts related to this commonplace item in our lives today…Shocking!

Third…now you know! Monday’s will now be my blogs make it day! Beginning today I will share with you a video, fact, tip, suggestion, commentary…whatever, on how to take something we use and throw away everyday and make it into something useful. Why? Because it gives me a reason to post, I want to write something useful and I want to challenge people to use their time to create wonderful things.

Simply put…God gave you a brain and two hands…use them! Everyone who knows me, knows that I have to be making something, reading something, cooking something or working something all of the time. I don’t like my hands or brain to be idle. Today I’m sharing a YouTube video and guess what it’s about.

Hint: Read above!

Plastic bags! I loath them….but yes! I confess, I forget to take my shopping bags into the store and therefore I come home with plastic….and never a shopping trip goes by that I’m not festering about how much I loathe them…((Haley won’t let me say the “h” word anymore))

Therefore…let’s make something out of them! Shall we…

I’ll post this today and lets say…hummmm, next week when I post another Make-It Monday, I also include what I made with the previous Monday’s topic. And I would love to see yours to. Here ya go….

What do you do with your plastic bags? I want to see! How about your blog? What do you post on Mondays?

One thought on “Make-It Monday….

  1. Loved your post about reusing and upcycling plastic bags. If you crochet, come over and visit my blog as I have lots of free ideas and patterns using plastic bags and other recycled materials. The totes make wonderful gifts and there still is time to make several for the upcoming Christmas season.

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