Interesting Sights on the Road…

Summertime is the time for most families to travel. Vacations, visiting family, camps and just good ole family time! Most travel by plane to get to their destinations. Our family prefers to drive…well I do anyway, because I can’t resist the temptation of stopping at every little antique shop along the way.

And not to mention all of the strange interesting attractions you might see along the way!

Another reason to stop…and click!

Take a look…

A horse statue made out of horseshoes? Now that’s IRONic *giggle*

A rocking chair big enough for my butt AND all of my beautiful grandbabies!!

A really awesome place to shop!
dah…you didn’t think I would stop just to take pictures did you?
All of these pictures are in one spot! hwy 281 just south of I20 in Lipan…don’t blink because Lipan is tiny. I think this is outside of Lipan but then again…what isn’t?
Ya think they might need some Barbed Wire Crosses?

Smoke on the prairie…

just further down 281 closer to Stephville, you could see this smoke for miles, we drove right through it. A huge grass fire, those firemen had their hands full that day. We drove for many miles and we saw several smaller fires being fought that had been set off by sparks from the original. We prayed all would be safe, humans and animals, this fire covered a large area of land where you would usually see cattle and horses grazing. And we questioned if there was a home or two within the inferno.
While driving home a few days later we saw that there was indeed a home. Amazing Grace covered this “little house on the prairie”, it was untouched!…but you could see where the fire had been all around it.

I think this will be Part One of many more to come, because we love to just go….sometimes no place in particular….just drive…and shop…and eat…and click!

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